ZooFriend’s Fifth Truck Delivers aid for Animals of Donetsk and Mariupol

ZooFriend’s Fifth Truck Delivers aid for Animals of Donetsk and Mariupol

The fifth truck of the ZooFriend campaign has recently brought 10 tons of oats and 5 tons of wheat groats and barley to zoos, shelters and equestrian clubs of Donbass and Mariupol.

“A total of 85 tons of aid has already been sent to Donbass and neighboring regions,” said Elena Sharoykina, initiator of the ZooFriend campaign and chairman of the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. “Local residents do not leave animals high and dry and continue to take care of them. That is why the help we collect here in Russia is so important and needed. I would like to thank the members of the organizing committee of the ZooFriend campaign. Thanks to the joint efforts of many non-profit organizations, foundations and projects working in the field of animal welfare, we are able to regularly send help to those who need it so much. With the help of the Civic Chambers of the DPR and LPR, we achieve targeted and even distribution of cargo in the field.”

This time four equestrian clubs in Donetsk will receive help. Part of the groats will be distributed among volunteers in Mariupol, who take care of homeless dogs, and will also be given to the Pif shelter in Donetsk. In addition, the zoos in Mariupol and the village of Pridorozhny will receive help to provide food for parsnips and birds.

“Every ZooFriend truck that comes from Russia is greeted by the people of Donbass with great enthusiasm. We couldn't cope without this support. There are so many animals in need of food and care. So are the kind-hearted people who continue to care for them. ZooFriend not only helps animals, but also charges our citizens with optimism, keeping them confident that they are not alone, and bright times are not far off,” said Alexander Kofman, chairman of the Public Chamber of the DPR.

The sent humanitarian aid was collected by members of the organizing committee of the ZooFriend campaign within the framework of the Help to Animals in Donbass action, initiated by Irina Donnik, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and realized together with the Giving Hope international charity fund for animals.

“The Help Animals of Donbass campaign, which joined the organizing committee of the ZooFriend campaign in May, involves representatives of the professional community: scientists, professors and students of veterinary universities from all over the country, associations of veterinary doctors and employees of veterinary clinics,” said Donnik. “I'm very glad that another truckload of aid is going to Donbass, and I thank everyone who responds to our appeal and helps to support people who, despite the difficult situation, continue to bear responsibility for those they tamed.”

“We are very grateful to all the employees of veterinary universities and clinics for responding and helping us buy grain for animals from zoos and equestrian clubs in Donbass. They always get less help. Now they will have food for some time,” said Svetlana Safronova, head of the Giving Hope Foundation.

It should be reminded that the All-Russian campaign was launched to help zoos and animals in Donbass and nearby regions ZooFriend by the initiative of the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on March 31, 2022.

It collects money, food and veterinary medicines, takes animals left without owners to Russia, and sends help to zoos and shelters in Donbass and nearby regions. The organizing committee of ZooFriend united leading Russian foundations and organizations that help both wild and domesticated animals, more than 15 organizations and projects, including Public Chambers of DPR and LPR.

On April 19, 2022, the first truck of the ZooFriend campaign was sent to Donetsk directly from the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in Moscow. In total, ZooFriend has already sent five trucks. The aid totaling more than 85 tons was delivered to the DPR, LPR, Kherson, Melitopol and Mariupol, where it was distributed among zoos, animal shelters, equestrian sports clubs and shelters for homeless animals.

ZooFriend also delivered help to the Donetsk Botanical Garden, the center of preservation of the world's wealth of genetic plant resources. The botanical garden received plant care equipment collected by the Russian Geographical Society. Together with ONF, the organizing committee of the ZooFriend campaign provided food for dogs, cats and parrots that arrived with their owners at the temporary accommodation centers in Vladimir and Ulyanovsk.

In addition, ZooFriend provided Mariupol Zoo with two electric generators for refrigeration equipment, veterinary drugs, electrodes for welding, and also financed the purchase of five tons of hay and four tons of oats. It also provided zoos in DPR, in particular Mariupol, with nets for building new enclosures for animals; and brought dogs and cats to Russia both from shelters and those rescued from the streets or who lost their owners. The Svaya Staya Center, Lesnoy Shelter and the Nika Foundation took care of them. The animals are rehabilitated and then find families in Russia.

The ZooFriend aid collection point operates in the public humanitarian aid collection center for the residents of Donbass in the building of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on Miusskaya Square. All information about the received aid and news is published in the official Telegram channel of the All-Russian ZooFriend campaign: https://t.me/zoo_drug

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