ZooFriend Truck Delivers 20 Tons of aid to LPR

ZooFriend Truck Delivers 20 Tons of aid to LPR

Photo: http://vz.ru

Twenty tons of different foodstuff for shelters, zoos and equestrian clubs, collected in the framework of the All-Russian ZooFriend campaign to help zoos and shelters in Donbas and Ukraine, organized by the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection on March 31, 2022, was delivered in Luhansk.

The organizing committee of ZooFriend donated 6 tons of wheat groats, 4 tons of barley, 6 tons of dog food and 4 tons of cat food. The Civic Chamber of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and the Ministry of Nature of the LPR assisted ZooFriend in this case. With their participation, the food will be sent to three animal shelters, three equestrian clubs caring for 500 animals and birds, as well as to more than 40 animal shelters and foster families with more than 1,200 dogs and 1,800 cats under their care.

“We are very happy that ZooFriend made it to LPR. We know how important it is for the employees and volunteers of shelters and pets' corners who come what may do not leave their pets and take care of them at this difficult time,” said Elena Sharoykina, chairwoman of the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Public Chamber and the initiator of the ZooFriend campaign. “I would like to thank everyone who supports ZooFriend, makes donations, brings food and veterinary medicines, and tells about the campaign, all the journalists and members of the organizing committee. This is our common good deed, and its development makes our hearts throb with joy.”

In Lugansk, the ZooFriend’s truck was met by LPR Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Security Elena Boyko, Head of the department of regulation of environmental management of the LPR Ministry of Natural Resources Larisa Zinchenko and Chairman of the LPR Public Chamber Alexey Karyakin.

“I express my gratitude to ZooFriend, which united so many wonderful people from all over Russia to help the animals of Donbass. This is an example of civil society consolidation on the basis of the institution of the Public Chamber. I am very glad for the cooperation of the Civic Chambers of the Russian Federation and the LPR,” said Kariakin.

As wek.ru previously reported, earlier, on April 21, the first ZooFriend truck delivered 15 tons of cargo to PIF, Donetsk's largest shelter, which became a distribution center for assistance. It contained 11 tons of wheat groats, 4 tons of dry and canned food for cats and dogs, veterinary and pharmacy drugs, as well as partitions for building enclosures, garden wheelbarrows, irrigation hoses and other equipment needed for zoos. The first batch of aid was sent to 40 shelters and guardians of homeless animals in the DPR, as well as zoos in Pridorozhnoe, Dokuchaevsk and Mariupol.

Recall that the ZooFriend help point operates in the public center of humanitarian aid collection for the residents of Donbass in the building of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on Miusskaya Square. All the information about the received aid and news are posted in the official Telegram channel of the All-Russian campaign ZooFriend: https://t.me/zoo_drug

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