Will Gushchin lay his Hands on Rosimushchestvo Building?

Will Gushchin lay his Hands on Rosimushchestvo Building?

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The complex of buildings, one of which belongs to Alexei Khotin, the owner of becoming bankrupt Yugra, and the other is an office of the Federal Property Management Agency (Rosimushchestvo) in Orlikov lane in Moscow may have been needed by Yuri Gushchin, the owner of Guta Group of Companies.

As The Moscow Post already reported, former head of Moscow Region's Federal Property Management Agency Nikolai Peshkov is accused of taking a bribe in the form of a vacation in Sochi from one of the entrepreneurs with whom he ran business. Now, Peshkov is in a pre-trial detention center and does not admit his guilt.

Peshkov was appointed to the post of head of Rosimushchestvo in August 2019 and resigned in December 2021. Before that, he worked as deputy head of Rosimushchestvo in the capital. And even earlier, as The Moscow Post found out, he established the Orlikovo housing and construction cooperative.

A correspondent of The Moscow Post looked into the “endeavors” of Rosimushchestvo officials in the sector of housing construction.

We are not going to Avito

The Orlikovo group of companies, as it turned out, included colleagues of the former head of Rosimushestvo near Moscow. In particular, Irina Fadeeva, who is now the CEO of the housing construction co-operative (HCC), having taken Peshkov's place in January 2022. She left her position as advisor to the head of the Federal Agency for State Property Management in September 2019, when she was appointed by Dmitry Medvedev to the position of deputy head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA).

Elena Pustovalova, who is also related to HCC, worked for Rosimushchestvo from 2014 to 2020 as head of the land relations department of the Moscow Territorial Administration. Other HCC founders Maxim Khayrettinov and Olga Sazhko are also building their careers there to this day.

Why did colleagues at the Federal Property Management Agency need to create a cooperative, and even more so in the building of the Federal Property Management Agency in Orlikov Lane 3B in Moscow? Are they going to build something?

Perhaps, Elena Porubleva, who in addition to HCC is also a founder of Center-Stroy, can shed some light on the story. According to Rusprofile, she gave her share in this company to the Helios real estate sales agency.

The most interesting thing is that if you type in the number of the organization listed on Rusprofile's website, it will give you the phone number of Helios but on the site of the real estate company, there is a completely different number, and the legal address listed on the same page does not match the actual one.

The telephone also leads to the sale of Velagio cottages, which belongs to Gevura. The same firm, according to the RBC registry, owns the Incom brand.

All of the collected facts suggest that a company of colleagues in Rosimushchestvo was going to either rebuild a piece of the house which, by the way, does not look flawless and then resell it, or otherwise privatize the premises in the building through affiliated firms.

The only question is, for whom were they preparing all this? It is unlikely that a coalition of accomplices will organize such a scam to get caught later on the announcement on Avito. Most likely, the premises will “leak” through internal channels. To answer this question, we need to delve a little more into the structure of connections and founders.

The building where the Rosimuschestvo is located on Orlikov Lane, 3kB

Operation Incom

Incom is a company selling luxury real estate. It was previously the business of a certain Maxim Potapov and Dmitry Kozlovsky, known for his seven-year-long lawsuit. The latter formerly owned the largest Russian car holding Incom-Auto and seven years later he was accused of stealing 800 million rubles ($7.40) from Alfa Bank received under “fake” documents in the form of loans. Kommersant news agency wrote about it. Incom-Avto went bankrupt in 2009, Dmitry Kozlovsky “disappeared from the radar” and, according to Kommersant, was placed on the federal wanted list, while Incom-Nedvizhimost and other subsidiaries of Incom “became quiet” and closed down.

In fact, Incom has now ceased to exist and is operating under a franchise, as NERS.ru wrote about in 2014. In fact, the firm was taken over by Gevura and reformatted.

Interestingly, Gevura which now “holds” Incom, has nobody in the register of founders. A certain Dmitry Malanchuk, which was a founder since 2016, was removed from this position in July 2021. It is not known who was appointed in his place.

Skies are darkening

The holder of the Helios shareholder register is the Moscow Stock Center, 100% of whose shares are owned by Regi-Prof. In its turn, its shares are also owned by the Moscow Stock Center. Thus, the firms are locked into each other. The founders of Moscow Stock Center also include Guta Holding Company.

The owner of Regi-Prof is the Russian billionaire Yury Gushchin. He is also the founder of the Guta Group, which actually owns Guta Holding Company, headed by Alexei Kharin, who, in turn, is the chairman of the board of directors of Guta Bank, founded by Gushchin.

Gushchin also owns the United Confectioners, which has a 100% stake in the Guta Holding Company. By the way, the company's revenues have been at zero since its founding, and yet it somehow shows a stable profit. It seems that its founder invests in it the money earned on other projects.

For example, on state contracts, received by the Moscow Stock Center. This firm shows losses while its revenues are positive. It is incidentally located in the building next door to the Orlikovo housing cooperative in 5 Orlikov lane, building 3.

In the same building there is Orlikov-5, with Alexei Alexeenko as the founder. He is also the head of Spa-Center Zolotye Vorota. Vladimir Guskov, who was related to Orlikov-5 and a subsidiary of the United Confectioners Holding Company, headed by Gushchin, was also its founder. The phone numbers on Rusprofile that refer to Orlikov-5 also lead to Gushchin.

So, Orlikov-5 was most likely founded by Gushchin.

Apparently, Gushchin now also owns Gevura whose shareholder register is under the Moscow Stock Center, which is located in the same building with Gushchin's firms, and therefore, Incom, through which, in fact, he is going to pull the scam with the Rosimuschestvo building.

Maybe, Gushchin needed the premises of Rosimuschestvo for some reason. The building was built in the 1970s and consists mostly of welded structures. These are now more often reconstructed as business centers. Given the fact that Guta now has no office, which it would own, and has to make do with rented one, it looks logical.

There is one more remarkable fact. The head office of Guta is located in the Orlikov Plaza business center, located just in Orlikov lane 5, where, as we have already written above, Orlikov-5 is registered. Most often, the company is named at the address of its location when they want to carry out construction at this address, or the firm is the management company for the building at this address. There is no plans to build anything in the historical building Orlikov Plaza yet.

Meanwhile, back in January, Kommersant reported that Rosselkhozbank intended to bankrupt the property of the former co-owner of Yugra Bank, Alexey Khotin. Orlikov Plaza was mentioned as belonging to him. It is quite logical to assume that one of the first pretenders to that building is Guta.

If we consider how many crossings we have seen between the Guta group and the Moscow Department of Federal Property Management Agency, the possible interest of Mr. Gushchin to the building of Moscow Department of Federal Property Management Agency follows this logic.

Thus, in the very center of Moscow, right next to the three railway stations an entire complex of business centers could be seized.

To pull this scheme, one definitely need connections but Gushchin has not problems with them, too.

Gushchin's son-in-law Artem Kuznetsov knows the ex-shareholder Timur Gutnov through MR Group, belonging to Timokhin. His brother in law is Sobyanin's only son-in-law. Therefore, Gushchin's company has administrative resources.

Original story: http://www.moscow-post.su/economics/gutaperchivye-gucshi-yurij-gucshin-mozhet-stat-sobstvennikom-imucshestva-alekseya-hotina-38438/

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