Wagner Group is Defensive Screen Against Terrorists in Southern Libya

Wagner Group is Defensive Screen Against Terrorists in Southern Libya

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Libya has revealed details of the movement of forces, believed to be affiliated with the Wagner Group. A Russian military convoy is reportedly moving south of Libya to counter terrorists on the borders of Chad, Niger, and Algeria.

It was reported earlier that a convoy, comprising vehicles and other equipment, including the Pantsir missile systems, had moved out of the Jufra base.

The Russian defense contractor has been invited to Mali by the legitimate government to defeat groups, rampaging in the north of the country. Gangs, belonging to an array of terrorist movements, including al-Qaeda* and IS (banned in the Russian Federation), are rampaging in the republic. The Wagner Group mercenaries rightly have a reputation as a powerful force, capable of quickly dealing with terrorists. However, there are no borders between Mali, Algeria, Niger, and Libya, and the groups that have been defeated in Mali might try to flee to what they believe are safer areas. Apparently, this is exactly what the convoy heading towards the Libyan borders has to prevent.

Thus, the Russian fighters are conducting a complex operation in Africa, aimed not only at destroying lawless hotbeds in Mali but also at completely combating terrorism in northern Africa.

* The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized Al-Qaeda as an extremist organization banned on Russian territory on 13.11.2008; ruling No. 08-1956, entered into force 27.11.2008

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