Virologist Predicts Timing of Coronavirus Defeat in Russia

Virologist Predicts Timing of Coronavirus Defeat in Russia


Pavel Volchkov, head of the laboratory of genomic engineering at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), said that in the coming months, Russia will be able to defeat the coronavirus.

The current rate of COVID-2019 spread in Russia and all over the world remains a matter of serious concern for people. According to the World Health Organization, there are 2.58 mln recorded cases in the world and 57,900 cases in Russia. Meanwhile, on April 19, a record rise of new cases of COVID-19 was reported in this country.

Among other things, the self-isolation regulations introduced throughout the country have wielded a negative impact on most Russians. Small and medium-sized businesses have suspended their operations except in a few segments, leaving many residents without a source of income. Quite a number of people have been transferred to work remotely, and in most cases this leads to a reduction in wages.

When will the Russians come back to normal life? When will the quarantine end? When will Russia beat the coronavirus? Today, almost every Russian wants to know the answers to these questions. Many experts assume that the Russians will return to their normal lives by autumn. However, not everyone shares this viewpoint. For example, Pavel Volchkov, head of the laboratory of genomic engineering at MIPT said in an interview with RT that Russia will be able to defeat the coronavirus in the next few months.

“I believe that already in June of this year, the coronavirus epidemic will be over in Russia,” said Volchkov. “It is worth pointing out that in doing so, people themselves should contribute to this. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the restrictive measures imposed by the government. Thereby, the number of new cases of the coronavirus is likely to go to zero already in June. The quarantine measures aim at “buying time.” After that we are likely to remain under the quarantine for another four weeks because the incubation period of COVID-19 lasts 14 days. And then we will see that victory is close at hand. A lot depends on us because according to statistics, one infected person may infect up to 10 people.”

He urged the residents to look after their health and to take measures to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

“The probability of getting infected in the open air is quite low because of the low level of virus concentration,” said Volchkov. “Try to avoid poorly ventilated areas where the virus may last on surfaces for a long time and where it is difficult to keep distance between people.Manage your personal hygiene and take precautionary measures.”

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