Video Blogger Announces Release of Second Episode of Film on Russian Sociologist Help Captive in Libya

Video Blogger Announces Release of Second Episode of Film on Russian Sociologist Help Captive in Libya


“This is the second part of the film about the fate of Russian sociologist Maxim Shugalei and his interpreter Samer Sueifan,” blogger Pavel Glazkov wrote in his post in social media. “I've watched the first film, and I'm waiting for the second episode. It should be recalled that the story is based on real events.

Until now, Shugalei and Sueifan’s fate remains unknown. They are kept illegally in a private Libyan prison.”

Video blogger Pavel Glazkov shared information about the release of the second episode of the action film ‘Shugalei’ with his followers in VKontakte, the Russian online social media and social networking service.

The first film tells the story of the Russian sociologists imprisoned in Libya that was based on real events. In the second episode, the filmmakers reveal more details of how Maxim Shugalei and Samer Sueifan manage to cope with the ordeals that they are to be through.

Last year, Shugalei and Sueifan, the employees of the Foundation for National Values Protection, a Russian NGO, came to Libya to do scientific research. They had legitimate grounds to visit the country, but their activities raised fears among the local officials. As a result, Shugalei and Sueifan were kidnapped by militants and put in a private jail. To date, the two men are still in captivity and are not even allowed to meet with a lawyer.

The Russian authorities and public figures are struggling to free them from restraint. Some experts believe that the film ‘Shugalei’ might help release the Russians from captivity. The film's creators are trying to draw attention to the situation that Shugalei and Sueifan were entrapped in. In the second part of the film viewers will learn new details about the fate of the captive sociologists. The release of the second part is scheduled for autumn of this year.

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