Did Khudainatov Send his Coal for Laundering?

Can coal be laundered through the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) to Ukraine? What does it have to do with Eduard Khudainatov's Coalstar? In May 2020, Eduard Khudainatov's company was fined for supplying 5,000 tonnes of coal to Ukraine instead of Slovakia which had been designated in the customs declaration.

Miratorg's Owners Lose Good Profits From Lawsuit Against Media

Miratorg Agribusiness Holding, a Russian privately-held agribusiness company based in Moscow and one of the largest producers and distributors of meat products in Russia, is well known in the country. It is not only because of its aggressive advertising campaign. Recently, it has become known that the arbitration rejected for the most part the claim of the owners of this holding against the electronic edition of The Moscow Post as unfounded. The details are in the article below.

Timofey Kurgin's Transformation

The Moscow Post published an article about the activities of "crime boss" Timofey Kurgin. Details are published below. The Moscow Post journalists gained an all-out victory in the lawsuit brought by "crime boss" Timofey Kurgin against their newspaper and Nasha Versija, a tabloid publishing investigative journalism articles. The trial took up six months, in the course of which the notorious businessman Kurgin has been pulling all kinds of "tricks." Apparently, he believes that might makes right.

What do Fake Japanese Technologies, Cheap COVID-19 Tests and Tatarstan President Have in Common?

The novel coronavirus might help Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan, get re-elected for a third term. Kazan companies belonging to his inner circle are involved in the scandalous deliveries of COVID-19 tests with the help of which he might collect 500 mln dollars for his re-election. Chances are it will become the fraud of the decade.

Is Miratorg Protecting Dignity of its Offshore Companies From Putin?

Viktor Linnik, President of Miratorg Agribusiness Holding, a Russian privately-held agribusiness company based in Moscow, and his brother, Alexander Linnik, the chairman of the Miratorg board, continue their efforts to prove in the courtroom the Moscow Post news portal “defamed” their business by publishing false information about it.