Ruben Once Again

Two days ago, Ruben Vardanyan, who literally only recently has appointed himself "in charge of Karabakh", addressed his "compatriots" and frightened them with a humanitarian catastrophe and an allegedly impending genocide.

How Zharsky Family is Clearing its Name

The Moscow Post had no idea what exactly the members of the noble family were doing. It turns out that four Zharsky family members are involved in the highly controversial business at once, including the aforementioned brothers Dmitry and Ilya Zharskys but the head of the family pyramid is Pavel Zharsky, the father of two sons, “prodigies.”

Friendly Calf Sucks two Mothers

Nikolay Levitskiy is becoming a serial confidant of the Russian businessmen under Western sanctions. Another asset was reregistered to the businessman. This time it is the Tuloma Marine Terminal in the Kola District of the Murmansk Region.

“Golden Keys” of Unrecorded Luxury Housing of Acting EMERCOM Minister

On the morning of April 29, the long-awaited rain came to the Kurgan region. The day before, an emergency situation was declared in the region due to numerous natural fires. The region's administration and the Ministry of Emergency Situations believed that the precipitation would help to eliminate the fire, but the hopes came true only partially.

Stakes are Higher Than law

As known, shadow gambling industry in Russia is prosecuted by law, up to criminal punishment. However, this measure is applied not always and not to everyone due to the peculiarities of the intricacies, in which interested persons who are, put it that way, certain criminal bosses take part.

How Maslakov-Grigoriev is Fighting With Investigative Journalists Using Corrupt Methods

After a series of publications in The Moscow Post about large-scale embezzlement during the construction of the National Space Center, the persons involved in these stories, led by previously convicted Konstantin Maslakov, the CEO of MIP-Stroy №1...

Will Gushchin lay his Hands on Rosimushchestvo Building?

The complex of buildings, one of which belongs to Alexei Khotin, the owner of becoming bankrupt Yugra, and the other is an office of the Federal Property Management Agency (Rosimushchestvo) in Orlikov lane in Moscow may have been needed by Yuri Gushchin, the owner of Guta Group of Companies.

CEC Turns Down Communists’Appeal to Disqualify Butina

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation (CEC) has dismissed the Communist Party’s Kirov branch petition to disqualify State Duma election candidate from United Russia Maria Butina.

AutoVAZ to Suspend Production due to Parts Shortage

The Russian auto giant AutoVAZ will temporarily stop operations at all three vehicle production lines of its Togliatti plant from August 23. This decision was taken due to problems with the supply of electronic components from Bosch.

Kostyukov's Empire Shows Signs of Strain

Sergei Pronichev, a notorious ex-candidate for Novosibirsk mayor and enforcer for the criminal business of the RT-Domcom founder, made a plea deal with the investigators.

The “Sleepless” in Zhukovsky

How Kostyukov and Kruglov of the “caste of house eaters” destroyed the housing and utilities infrastructure in a technopolis with 100,000 inhabitants.

"A Caste of House Eaters"

Alexander Kostyukov, a well-known swindler in the sector of public utilities, withdrew billions of rubles from the housing and utilities system of the Samara region

Did Khudainatov Send his Coal for Laundering?

Can coal be laundered through the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) to Ukraine? What does it have to do with Eduard Khudainatov's Coalstar? In May 2020, Eduard Khudainatov's company was fined for supplying 5,000 tonnes of coal to Ukraine instead of Slovakia which had been designated in the customs declaration.

Miratorg's Owners Lose Good Profits From Lawsuit Against Media

Miratorg Agribusiness Holding, a Russian privately-held agribusiness company based in Moscow and one of the largest producers and distributors of meat products in Russia, is well known in the country. It is not only because of its aggressive advertising campaign. Recently, it has become known that the arbitration rejected for the most part the claim of the owners of this holding against the electronic edition of The Moscow Post as unfounded. The details are in the article below.

What do Fake Japanese Technologies, Cheap COVID-19 Tests and Tatarstan President Have in Common?

The novel coronavirus might help Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan, get re-elected for a third term. Kazan companies belonging to his inner circle are involved in the scandalous deliveries of COVID-19 tests with the help of which he might collect 500 mln dollars for his re-election. Chances are it will become the fraud of the decade.