Vershinin Might Remind Williams of UN Envoy Power Restrictions

Vershinin Might Remind Williams of UN Envoy Power Restrictions


Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Libya Stephanie Williams is to arrive in Moscow to offer excuses and explanation in connection with the disruption of the presidential elections in the North African country, Arab media reported.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin invited a Western official to the Russian Foreign Ministry for negotiations. The meeting is expected to take place on January 17. Foreign journalists believe that Williams has been “called on the carpet.”

One of the reports said that Vershinin is likely to demand explanations from Stephanie Williams amid the stalling of the political process in Libya.

“… and to ask her what her duties as an adviser but not as head of United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) are, and what she has done for Libya. He might point out that she has no real authority that would allow her to make decisions as head of the mission,” the report said.

Williams would act like “a child in trouble” in Moscow, wrote journalists.

According to another publication, the Russian Foreign Ministry would “put the UN official in her place.”

“To Vershinin's thinking, Williams has no right to make decisions in Libya and that she is only an adviser but not head of the mission,” the journalists write.

In addition to the hysteria in the Arab media, the situation caused a strong reaction among ordinary users of social networks. They called on the Russian diplomat to deal with Williams for her actions and demand an explanation against the background of the negative consequences of her work for the Libyans.

“The Russian Foreign Ministry invited Stephanie Williams on January 17 to make it clear that she has no real power in Libya and no right to make any decisions on Libya,” one of the users wrote.

Earlier, the expert community sharply criticized the appointment of a special advisor to the UN Secretary-General. After a short period, the situation got escalated in Libya, which resulted in the disruption of national presidential and parliamentary elections, scheduled for December 24 last year.

Thus, Maxim Shugaley, President of the Foundation for the Protection of National Values, called Williams “a harbinger of war,” while political scientist and expert in Asian and Islamic studies Vyacheslav Matuzov accused her of drastic interference in the internal affairs of the North African country.

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