Unusual Collaborations With Modern Artists

Unusual Collaborations With Modern Artists

The CHROME x SOLNTSEV x VOVA Family x ARTFLASH art collaboration started on August 18th. Gleb SOLNTSEV, an artist, author of unique augmented reality paintings and projects for the meta universe, presents his paintings and AR, created especially for CHROME.

AR (augmented reality) is the most modern and promising way of expression, combining the physical world with digital fantasies, literally erasing the boundaries between imagination and reality. These are the real technologies of the future, lately confidently conquering the world.

Gleb SOLNTSEV together with the digital agency VOVA Family, which has been working professionally with augmented reality and meta universes for over four years, created an AR effect for the chrome-plated statue of Venus decorating the space of the SHROME bar.

“Point your smartphone at the statue,” said Solntsev, “and it will appear in front of you chained. By pressing a button, you can “free” Venus. She will appear in a paradise garden, among flowers and music. This scene symbolizes the liberation of the human consciousness of the times of digitalization and consumption from the shackles of brandomania, which are imposed on us by marketers. The liberation of Venus from her chains is the return of man to his natural state of freedom of mind and spirit.”

As part of the collaboration, an original ‘Dessert with Artist’ will appear on CHROME gastrobar menu, also with AR effect. You will be able to buy limited edition T-shirts with the augmented reality effect on the prints created for the collaboration by ARTFLASH, an online store and clothing manufacturer with art prints, in the pop-up store.

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