“Undermining Faith in Democracy” – Western Media are Pushing Liberal Agenda Through Women's Health Articles

“Undermining Faith in Democracy” – Western Media are Pushing Liberal Agenda Through Women's Health Articles

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A Western newsroom has posted an article addressing social media myths about women's health. The authors mentioned the undermining of faith in democratic processes in line with such concepts as “self-treatment,” “relationship between the menstrual cycle and astrology,” “unhealthy diets,” and “suicide posts.”

On 7 October, Coda Story published a review on the spread of harmful information myths concerning women's health.

Journalists mentioned Instagram posts alleging that girls could make predictions of their menstrual cycles based on the signs of the Zodiac. This caught the attention of the Plan International non-governmental organization. Activists of this organization soon presented a study on how misinformation was getting into discussions about women's and girls' health on social media.

The study addressed the “toxic” effects of social media on teenagers, as well as the very real harm of online myths. However, both Plan International and Coda Story decided to interpret this “harm” in their own way.

In addition to relationship between periods and astrology, human rights activists fret over the promotion of unhealthy diets, the romanticization of suicide, and cancer cases after using a tampon. “Undermining trust in democratic processes” was also added to the list of certainly harmful myths. In addition, human rights activists and Coda Story authors consider the fact that some girls have “questioned whether they should be vaccinated against COVID-19” as well as “questioned the outcome of democratic elections” to be unconditionally harmful. However, Coda Story does not specify what both of these topics have to do with gynecology and the psyche of teenage girls.

Meanwhile, this media outlet has long been cooperating with the notorious Bellingcat, an investigative journalism website recognized as a foreign agent in Russia. It is known not only for its ability to see “Russian trace” everywhere but also for its regular promotion of the western liberal agenda.

The Coda Story article proves it as it discusses democratic processes along with ordinary topics like women's health. It also criticizes those who not only openly reject the Western agenda, but even those who simply “ask a question” and “doubt” things.

Ironically, numerous Western feminist organizations openly ignore the use of the “women's agenda” to promote the desired political narrative, while some publicly support it. This, however, proves once again that the rights and health of certain categories of the population are of no concern whatsoever to such human rights organizations. Both women and men, and those who identify themselves as belonging to certain minorities, are expected to be obedient flock and do exactly what they are told. After all, only radicals can “have doubts” and ask questions, right?

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