UN Peacekeepers Should be Withdrawn From CAR, Says Military Expert

UN Peacekeepers Should be Withdrawn From CAR, Says Military Expert

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Military columnist Alexei Sukonkin made a harsh comment on the crimes of peacekeepers of the UN multidimensional mission in the Central African Republic. Yesterday soldiers of the Egyptian UN contingent stormed the territory of the presidential palace in Bangui, the capital of the republic.

UN peacekeepers started the video recording of the area, not obeying the demands of the guards to stop disturbing the peace. When the guards fired several warning shots in the air, the peacekeepers fled in a bus and hit a girl who was passing by. The child died of injuries.

Like many, the military expert Alexei Sukonkin is outraged by this blatant crime.

The UN peacekeeping contingent in the CAR operating there as part of a multidisciplinary integrated stabilization mission continues to bring discredit on itself and the UN as a whole to the population of the republic. The media has repeatedly published information about the inappropriate behavior of “peacekeepers,” which leads to the death of civilians. The cases when, after the fatal accidents caused by the cars of the “peacekeepers” patrols, the perpetrators quit the scene of the accident, leaving the victims to die are the most flagrant. Some part of the population dies at the hands of “peacekeepers” after shelling.

According to Sukonkin, the CAR residents firmly believe that the UN troops should be completely withdrawn from the borders of the state. At the same time, he says that a completely different reputation has been earned by the Russian mercenaries, who are often attributed to the Wagner Group in the media.

The presence of Russian military instructors, who ensured a calm and peaceful presidential election in the republic, looks contradictory. Therefore, there is no surprise that the population of the CAR demands the withdrawal of the “peacekeepers” who often solved their issues rather than ensured security and stabilized the situation, as the events of the past few days have shown.

Sukonkin believes that the time is over for peacekeepers in the CAR. They have nothing to do there and only do harm to the country now which is moving to a peaceful track largely due to the presence of our compatriots, the expert said in conclusion.

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