U.S. Rehearsed Nuclear Strike Against Russia, Says Russian Defense Minister

U.S. Rehearsed Nuclear Strike Against Russia, Says Russian Defense Minister

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has recently said that the United States worked out a scenario for a nuclear strike on the Russian territory. The drill was held just 20 km from the Russian border and involved ten US Air Force strategic bombers, said Shoigu.

U.S. warplanes flew nearly 30 sorties to the Russian border over the past month, a 2.5 times increase from the previous year, said Shoigu in a conversation with his Chinese counterpart Wei Henghe.

Shoigu emphasized during the negotiations that the U.S. Air Force had stepped up its activity in the far east. For example, last year there were 22 flights over the Sea of Okhotsk, while only three such flights were recorded in 2019.

According to Shoigu, ten U.S. bombers drilled various options to attack Russia during the Global Thunder exercise in November 2021. They practiced almost simultaneous attacks on the western and eastern axes. The American bombers simulated the attack 20 kilometers from the Russian borders.

According to the Russian Minister of Defense, while flying their missions, the US also drilled reaching cruise missile launch point in a simulated attack on Russia.

All flights of US strategic bombers were detected by Russian air defense forces in time, said the Russian Defense Minister. They were constantly monitored and measures were taken to prevent such incidents.

Assessing U.S. Air Force actions, Shoigu expressed confidence that maneuvers of this kind, carried out near Russian borders, posed a threat to not only Russia but also China. That is why, according to Shoigu, coordination of actions of the two countries is important. It should become a decisive factor in decision-making at the global level. Strengthening such interaction is as urgent as ever in the current conditions when geopolitical turbulence and conflict potential are drastically increasing.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times earlier published an appeal by the leaders of Great Britain, Japan, Germany, and France to the United States to abandon the policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons. For his part, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that at the moment, Moscow had no grounds to assume that Washington would reconsider its current foreign policy on the issue.

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