U.S. Does not Care About French- and UAE-Sponsored Foreign Fighters in Libya

U.S. Does not Care About French- and UAE-Sponsored Foreign Fighters in Libya

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The United States uses its control over the world information space to its advantage, said State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov as he explained Washington’s having no claims against France and the UAE over foreign mercenaries in Libya.

He commented on the statement of the US Department of State after the second conference in Berlin on the settlement in the North African state. According to Fyodorov, the statement by a high-ranking US official about the alleged consent of Russia and Turkey to discuss the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country is a standard trick in information warfare.

On June 24, the official State Department website posted an article with a statement by an unnamed official of the Biden administration. He said that during a meeting in Germany, both the Turks and the Russians have agreed that the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libyan territory could be “a topic of discussion.” Thus, the White House attempted once again to convince the general public of the presence of the Wagner Group, a Russian private military company, in Libya. Russia, for its part, has repeatedly stated that there are no Russian servicemen in North Africa.

Mansur Salah, an international conflict expert, pointed out that Washington insisted that Russia and Turkey withdraw foreign troops, while turning a blind eye to the presence of Chadian and Sudanese mercenaries in Libya, sponsored by France and the UAE. Several international research centers, including the Foundation for the Defense of National Values, have confirmed the presence of illegal African fighters in the territory of the state.

In Fyodorov’s opinion, Washington does not care about foreign forces in Libya, especially those sponsored by Paris and Abu Dhabi. It is waging an information war against Russia. That is why it makes such statements.

“A war is the way of deception. The United States is increasing pressure and creating a ring of enemies around Russia. To accomplish these goals, they need fabricated and evidence-free pretexts,” he said.

Fyodorov added that the United States did not need a positive result of the negotiations on Libya. Since there are no Russian forces in Libyan territory, there is no one to withdraw. This plays into the hands of the White House, since it is possible to accuse Moscow of allegedly deliberate refusal to follow their plan.

“The U.S. uses this technology because it controls the entire global information space, the Internet and social media, including in Russia,” Fyodorov said.

To his thinking, Washington's primary goal is not to liberate Tripoli and other cities in the country from mercenaries, but to put pressure on Russia once again.

“The U.S. plan is not to change anything in Libya, which they destroyed with their own bombing,” he said. “The main thing is to attack Russia. No matter what happens there, it will all be Moscow's fault. This is the technology of information warfare, the making of lies. It is a typical U.S. mechanism.”

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