TV Series for Everyone

TV Series for Everyone


This is an unexpected post for me, telling about the Chinese TV series Symphony’s Romance which is on Russia-K [a Russian nationwide not-for-profit arts and culture television channel.] It is naive, pure, and touching. This is absolute, almost sterile goodness against the background of our trash films and hard-to-watch psychological thrillers.

All of the characters behave beautifully and live with the same purpose to get into a youth orchestra and play Tchaikovsky, and Brahms. They fall in love, and through it, they come to musical and personal harmony without spinning intrigues that happen only accidentally.

Of course, there is not a rotten apple in the bunch, and the cute young characters promptly bring to mind the quote by writer Anton Chekhov: ‘everything in a human being should be beautiful.’

I understand that it’s not right to make films this way. Both Stanislavsky and Pyriev would probably say: “I do not believe!” So would Eldar Ryazanov although I'm not sure about him. Personally, I think that such films should have a niche. The mind sometimes does not want to work, but to enjoy ‘most pure exemplar of the purest grace.’

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