To be Remembered

To be Remembered


Pictures of stickers with anti-Russian slogans from planes of various airlines have been published on the Internet, according to the authors of Telegram channels.

The stickers were placed in the toilets of Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Emirates and Pobeda, writes the author of one of the Telegram channels. The press service of the Russian airline said that they would clarify the information about the illegal stickers.

For the sake of clarity, a sticker with a falling plane on it says, “Planes with Russians must crash!” Our agency has remained neutral at various aviation events on numerous occasions that could cause political bias or antipathy. We have always been on the side of flight safety. That’s a bit too far to call for planes with Russians (all Russian citizens are usually meant by Russians) to crash. It reminds me of the American Ku Klux Klan with its practice of killing or lynching Negroes. Perhaps that is why whites there now have a sense of shame that all the peoples of the world must somehow share and repent of something they never did.

It brings to mind Nazis of various nationalities who blamed an entire nation or nations for all their misfortunes and tried to physically destroy them.

It brings to mind the “ethnic cleansing” that stains dozens of countries on every continent, except, perhaps, Antarctica.

It brings to mind the terrorists who hijacked planes and turned them into weapons to kill civilians.

However, while those acted openly, and we can name the countries and organizations involved in genocide and mass murder, these act by posting their “artwork” on the level of airplane toilets, they understand that their time for open action to destroy Russians has not yet come but they probably hope that it will come soon.

We Russians, we, the citizens of Russia, must remember and will remember that today there are people, communities, nations and supranational organizations that wish death on each of us, our relatives, friends and acquaintances. Their wish for our death does not depend on our nationality, religion, social status, gender, age, political views or level of culture.

I will remember this.

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