Timofey Kurgin's Transformation

Timofey Kurgin's Transformation

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The Moscow Post published an article about the activities of "crime boss" Timofey Kurgin. Details are published below. The Moscow Post journalists gained an all-out victory in the lawsuit brought by "crime boss" Timofey Kurgin against their newspaper and Nasha Versija, a tabloid publishing investigative journalism articles. The trial took up six months, in the course of which the notorious businessman Kurgin has been pulling all kinds of "tricks." Apparently, he believes that might makes right.

Recall that some time ago, Timofey Kurgin who is better known in certain quarters as Teymuraz, Timur Izmailovsky and Timson, decided to bury his sinister past in oblivion by creating a new alter ego. Teimuraz Kurgin's name was linked to the criminal case of the brutal murder of State Duma Deputy Sergei Skorochkin in 1995.

In total, in prison, Kurgin spent almost 7 years that were a kind of “university of life” behind bars. Then he was released. Apparently, he wanted to live differently but without changing his own lifestyle. But is it possible to wipe the slate with such biography?

Numerous unpleasant stories were published in the media. How can one make the investigative journalists keep silence? Noticeably, with the help of some expensive lawyers, Kurgin designed a semblance of Operation Barbarossa, a kind of blitzkrieg of his own.

However, this “blitzkrieg” collapsed like a house of cards even though it seemed to have been brilliantly organized.

Why did Timofey Kurgin lose the court case? What conclusions can be made from this high-profile trial? Chances are it will eventually become a material for law students’ textbooks.

The Moscow Post correspondent looked into the details.

How Kurgin was Looking for “Fire Extinguisher”

There were a lot of interesting things at these trials. Probably, the last court session on Kurgin's case held on January 22 was the most noteworthy.

Finally all of us, both reporters and lawyers, heard why it took so long for Timofey Kurgin to bring to the matter to the courtroom.

It should be recalled that the investigations, to which Kurgin has claims, were published back in 2016.

According to lawyer Anton Vorobyov, who defended Kurgin in court, some time ago, his client began to have huge issues with foreign banks and foreign partners. They read articles in the media about somewhat "unchivalrous" actions of their client and business partner.

"Some of Timofey Kurgin's foreign accounts were blocked," said lawyer Varvara Kuznetsova. She represented The Moscow Post.

It was obvious that when the “fire” broke out, Kurgin began to look for “a fire extinguisher.” Several "firemen" volunteered to act as a kind of "fire extinguishers." Namely, Oleg Popov, a notorious lawyer, Danila Pashutkin, a pen pusher with a tarnished reputation, and Ruslan Dzheliyev, a mystery man in this story. All of them were involved in preparing a plan for a blitzkrieg against independent reporters of The Moscow Post and Nasha Versiya.

However, the “blitzkrieg” plan did not work. And it was predictable.

Pashutkin horribly embarrassed himself when he was caught plagiarizing. Lawyer Oleg Popov also “dirtied up” his lawyer's smocking.

Pashutkin's Mixed bag

A-PRO, Popov's firm, offered Timofey Kurgin a very specific service. Namely, “whitewashing” his tainted reputation with the help of some outlandish solutions.

Rumor has it the successful lawyer Popov and et al have issued a tremendous bill for services of this kind. However, allegedly, they promised to “clean up” the indexing services from negative information. Allegedly, they assured that Kurgin himself would not even show up at the court hearings. Everything would be masterfully done by Oleg Popov and his accomplices.

There was also Danila Pashutkin, a savvy "lawyer." It was this quick-tempered young man who suddenly began to turn up at Moscow City Court with a heavy bag. What kind of "gifts" was Pashutkin carrying to the office of Olga Egorova, then chairperson of the Moscow City Court?

It turns out that there was "complete works" in the "bag." A total of 38 different publications where Timofey Kurgin’s “chivalrous” past Timofey Kurgin was mentioned in one way or another. As a result, these materials were offered in a “modified” manner.

Some of The Moscow Post's journalistic investigations were also on Danila Pashutkin's list.

Here's an illustrative example. In February 2020, an article about the Pioneer company appeared in one of the publications. Its CEO committed suicide. This material was reposted by another website. Then it was removed as a result of protective measures imposed by the Moscow City Court at Pashutkin’s request. He stated that he was the copyright holder for the article.

In the end, it turned out that Pashutkin had several dozen investigations into the "crime boss" Kurgin in his files.

Lawyer Oleg Popov

The court proceedings began.

The scheme designed by the lawyer Oleg Popov exposed its flaws at the first sessions of the Tagansky District Court.

“It should be noted that Kurgin's "team" changed tactics during the court hearings held in November. As Aleixander Changli, a lawyer of The Moscow Post, said in his report, they started "being cunning." Kurgin’s accomplices tried to prove that Timofey Kurgin and Teimuraz Kurgin were two completely different people. These assertions were made by lawyer Anton Vorobyov.

However, “slyness” on the part of the plaintiff should not mislead the court," said Changli.

The court met the defense of The Moscow Post by allowing it to request both a criminal record of Kurgin and a possible change of name from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Penitentiary Service.

The question of conducting a comprehensive expertise came up again and again during the trials. The defense of Timofey Kurgin strongly insisted on it.

In the end, the expertise was denied.

"Surprises" From Moscow Region Court Files

The Moscow Post lawyers Varvara Kuznetsova and Fedor Kravchenko prepared a real "bombshell report" for Kurgin's defenders. In the records of the Moscow Region Court, they found the half-decayed criminal case of Teimuraz Kurgin.

"There were about 40 volumes," Varvara Kuznetsova said. "This is what was in a prominent place. Probably, there were much more of them.”

The case is a quarter of a century old. It was 25 years ago that Deputy Sergei Skorochkin was kidnapped and then murdered. Kurgin was found guilty under several articles at a time. Investigation of the case took quite some time. Then the time limit expired, and Kurgin was released.

Back in February 2002, the Supreme Court scrutinized the case in supervisory review proceedings. According to the files, none other than Teimuraz (Timofey) Kurgin might have been one of the defendants in Deputy Skorochkin’s case. He was charged under three articles at a time.

Sergei Skorochkin, a deputy of the State Duma, was murdered in 1995.

Lawyer Vorobyov clearly did not expect such a "surprise" from the past. Apparently, he was confused for some time. But then Vorobyov, as always, firmly said that it was impossible. According to him, Timofey Kurgin had never been in the role of the defendant.

Moscow City’s Tagansky District Court agreed with the arguments of The Moscow Post's defense and asked the Moscow Region Court that dealt with the matter of kidnapping and murdering the deputy Skorochkin, for materials on this criminal case.

The Moscow Region Court ruling on Kurgin's case. The documents were taken from The Moscow Post Telegram channel. It has no relation to The Moscow Post online publication but has permission to use the materials of The Moscow Post.

Is it likely that Kurgin, against his will, only made his situation worse? The transformation did not work. There was no change of scenery either.

However, there were more surprises during the court sessions. It turned out that Ruslan Dzheliyev, the person from Timofey Kurgin's case and the "author" of numerous articles, does not exist at all. It was another "discovery" made by The Moscow Post's lawyers Varvara Kuznetsova and Fedor Kravchenko.

"We found no evidence of Ruslan Dzheliyev's existence," said Varvara Kuznetsova. "There is only the first name, last name, and place of birth. There is even no date of birth. This is clearly a “fictional character.” However, Judge Nadezhda Kiselyova refused to make a request for Dzheliyev."

Movie in Court

Since Kurgin's defense consistently said that he had nothing to do with Deputy Skorochkin's death, The Moscow Post lawyers asked the court to attach new evidence on the subject. Namely, two earlier publications in the media – in the Kommersant newspaper and on RIA Novosti website. There was as well as a SD disk with the film of the NTV channel, the 23rd edition.

The Life and Death of Deputy Skorochkin (19/05/2000) and How Deputy Skorochkin was Killed, a film from the Criminal Russia TV series. Life and Death of Deputy Skorochkin

Interestingly, Anton Vorobyov, a lawyer representing the A-PRO law firm, was strongly opposed to watch the NTV film.

"I am against watching it. It's not a movie. It’s a show! There is no information in this video that Kurgin killed Deputy Sergei Skorochkin. The video goes on for 40 minutes. And 30 minutes is about Skorochkin."

Vorobyov was reasonably objected to by The Moscow Post's defense.

"This is a talk show where the criminal case of Skorochkin was discussed,” said lawyer Fedor Kravchenko. “The State Duma deputies participated in this talk show. The court must examine the evidence. It is the task of the court. To scrutinize the faces, images, and information that the plaintiff denies. All this information had previously become public in other media.”

As a result, both films were watched in court.

"How Deputy Skorochkin was Killed"

Criminal Links

It is said that during his service of term Kurgin managed to get close to the leaders of the criminal world. Allegedly, he shared a cell with Shakro the Young aka Zakhary Kalashov. Rumor has it Shakro wanted to make him a "thief in law" – a criminal dignitary of a kind who has a special status among other mobsters.

Kurgin's lawyers challenged this fact in court, too.

Even today, Kurgin has plenty of acquaintances in the criminal world.

For example, he has been on friendly terms with Alexei Zhelneyev for a long time. They have been in touch since the 1990s, when they both were in prison.

Now, Alexei Zhelneyev allegedly helps Timofey Kurgin to keep in contact with the criminal community.

It should be recalled that Timofey Kurgin is a businessman now. He is the founder of the Russian Timber company. It is in this company where Zhelneyev works. They also work together for Development of Regions where Zhelneyev is a founder.

Zhelneyev is also a person with a shady past. In 2018, he tried to run for the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region. He failed because the "sins" of past years came to spotlight. As it turned out, in 1995, according to the verdict of the Cheremushki district court, Alexei Zhelneyev was found guilty of robbery. He received 2 years of correctional labor.

Floyd Mayweather, a US boxer who was repeatedly prosecuted in his home country, is another close criminal contact of Timofey Kurgin.

Timofey Kurgin with the US boxer Floyd Mayweather

The fact is that Timofey Kurgin has been fond of boxing since childhood. He even founded a boxing academy. This organization is popular with people in power. In particular, Andrey Chernogorov, a member of Gazprom's board of directors. Alexander Braverman, the head of the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, is his partner in boxing. Sergey Chemezov, the CEO of Rostec Corporation, also attends the Boxing Academy. By the way, General Chemezov is a former boxer. It was him who sponsored Mayweather's visit to Russia.

Indeed, Kurgin is a well-connected person.

However, all attempts to "whiten" his tarnished reputation have had the opposite effect.

In general, the change of scenery had been unsuccessful. Operation Barbarossa failed spectacularly. Timofey Kurgin did not have the guts to bend independent journalists across his knee.

The primary source: http://www.moscow-post.su/politics/metamorfoza_timofeya_kurgina34775/

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