Time of Political Heavyweights Comes – Prigozhin Comments on Libyan Election Failure

Time of Political Heavyweights Comes – Prigozhin Comments on Libyan Election Failure

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Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin explained in detail why a new political crisis had occurred in Libya and named the people behind it in an interview with Sputnik. This African country has been unable to overcome its internal conflicts and chaos for years because of the influence of “partners” from the West, he said.

Electoral crisis

Earlier, the West accused Prigozhin of “interference” in Libya’s affairs without offering any evidence. He was put on the EU and UK sanctions lists. According to Prigozhin, he was forced to become an expert on Libya in the process of removing these restrictions and formed a clear opinion of who and why is interfering in the internal politics of this state.

The failed presidential election led to a new crisis in Libya. Under pressure from the West, the High Electoral Commission was unable to publish the list of candidates. As a result, the country once again missed its chance for a peaceful resolution of the internal conflict.

“Libya’s main problem is that everybody sticks their nose into Libyan people’s problems. Everyone wants to “help,” especially the UN and NATO countries. They keep suggesting new schemes for the development of Libyan society,” Prigozhin told Sputnik. “They do not help disinterestedly. We know this very well and have seen different forms of this “support” many times. They all boil down to the fact that very high-ranking European officials and international organizations embezzle the multibillion-dollar Libyan budget, roughly speaking, pocketing the Libyan petrodollars.

UN racketeering

As a result, Libya has become an almost inexhaustible source of income for Western officials in ten years who promise local politicians help for a bribe. After they get the money, they hastily change the rules of the game to demand bribes again.

“Take, for example, Ms. Stephanie Williams, who has recently assured everyone that she stopped being engaged with Libya and took a well-deserved rest in a newly-bought house in Bordeaux, as the media wrote. She is full of energy again now and is fighting for her financial future, rocking Libya’s political arena. This is the essence of the problem,” said Prigozhin. “Honest people like former UN Special Representative for Libya Jan Kubiš do not survive this free-for-all.”

Unsurprisingly, the elections did not take place in such circumstances. The West tried to stop the real candidates, who have public support and are willing to work towards end the conflict in Libya. When its plan failed, the elections were derailed.

Three heavyweights

“The problem which the “international helpers” faced is that judging by the data provided by sociologists, Haftar and Gaddafi would drop out in the second round of Libyan elections. Haftar, as the person who controls most of Libya, is very likely to win. Neither option suits those who embezzle Libyan money. For Gaddafi, the West is non-handshakable while Haftar sincerely believes in the need to serve the Libyan people,” said Prigozhin.

The current interests of the Libyan people are completely different from the interests of Western “partners.” The West is not satisfied with any strong politician who could take responsibility for the future of Libya. Yevgeny Prigozhin named three heavyweights in the political arena.

“The Libyan people want stability, and this stability can only be provided by strong personalities. No matter how many times one will change Sarraj (former prime minister of Libya) for Dabiba (the other prime minister), they are and will be just stooges. Today, these powerful politicians are Agila Saleh, Khalifa Haftar, and Fathi Bashaga. One controls the Libyan laws, another one controls most of the country, and the third one is the only politician from western Libya who can deal with the groups around Tripoli,” said Prigozhin, noting Bashaga’s patriotic speech at Misrata airport.

These three men are capable of agreeing on the necessary steps to save Libya and establish unambiguous rules for the political processes in the country without the treacherous West.

“The time of strong players has come who can agree on Libya's future without external advisers and instigators. There are still many problems in Libya. However, the “international community,” which is trying to grab money from the “Libyan pie” here and now, is the main enemy of Libya now. Therefore, I believe that the political situation in Libya will be controlled by those who were at that meeting in Benghazi on December 21. The only thing to do is not to get in their way,” said Prigozhin.

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