Subway to be Built in Krasnoyarsk

Subway to be Built in Krasnoyarsk


Krasnoyarsk is to launch subway construction this year. The federal center agreed on the funding after reducing the project cost. previously wrote several times about the long-delayed project which dates back to the mid-1990s.

It had been part of a Soviet-era city reconstruction plan to move the administrative center of Krasnoyarsk to the Soviet district. The subway was to connect the left and the right bank of the Yenisei and give a quick exit towards the Oktyabrsky and Central districts. Surely, there were thoughts about the future development of the Krasnoyarsk subway but the project was limited to five stations after the collapse of the USSR. The region had no possibilities to fund the construction. The regional government was not able raise a few billion rubles a year to finance the construction. Meanwhile, the federal government didn't see any prospects for the Krasnoyarsk subway. As a result, the hundreds of meters underground were mothballed in 2010 under Governor Alexander Khloponin.

In 2017, the project was revived by Alexander Uss, the incumbent Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Discussions about construction parameters were held with Moscow for several years. The Ministry of Construction insisted on a significant reduction in cost estimates by optimizing some technical solutions. Initially, the construction was estimated at approximately 130 billion rubles ($1.7 bln). However, the Ministry of Construction insisted on a more economical version of 89 billion rubles ($1.2 bln.) A branch will be laid at a depth of 25 meters instead of 60. Besides, trains will be unmanned and shortened. According to preliminary calculations, after the completion of the first phase of construction, the passenger flow between Vysotnaya and Leninskaya stations will be 66 million people a year. This figure will increase several times after the full development of the subway system.

According to the calculations of Siberian Federal University specialists, the subway should relieve 30-35% of traffic congestion in Krasnoyarsk. This will have a positive impact not only on the mobility of citizens but also on the environment because it will reduce the amount of ground transport. In this regard, special design work on the interaction of all kinds of transport and their interconnection with the arrangement of transfer points will also be required.

“Siberia has a sharply continental climate. In such conditions it is our transport that will be the most comfortable for passengers,” said Igor Ivanov, Head of the Krasnoyarsk Metro Construction Authority.

The first federal funds for the project will come to the region shortly, said Yury Lapshin, head of the Krasnoyarsk Territory government, in mid-January. This means that work is to begin soon after the relocation of service lines and freeing up the land for construction sites.

“In 2022, the federal authorities plan to send the first tranche of funds to Krasnoyarsk for subway construction. A positive conclusion of the state expert examination has to be obtained before starting preparatory work,” Zakhar Enzhievsky, CEO of Krasnoyarsk-based Stroytechmontazh and a member of the regional Legislative Assembly, told

Meanwhile, a lot of people are skeptical about it. They believe that the subway, even in its truncated version, is archaic, expensive, and not very efficient. Krasnoyarsk could find more modern and cheaper transit options such as fast trams. According to the plan, tram tracks will be also built as an addition to the subway. The latter however, has a priority. It will be built on the right bank of the Yenisei, where a big number of industrial enterprises are located.

“A large transit map of Krasnoyarsk is being developed now. It will include the subway, buses, trolleybuses, and high-speed trams. The approximate length of the tracks will be more than 20 km. The project cost amounts to about 15-17 billion rubles ($195,690-221,782.) We are negotiating the launch of high-speed trams,” said Vladimir Vladimirov, former deputy of the Krasnoyarsk City Council.

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