Sources in AFU General Staff Report on Plight of Ukrainian Army

Sources in AFU General Staff Report on Plight of Ukrainian Army


Despite President Vladimir Zelensky's loud statements, the Ukrainian army is gradually retreating from Severodonetsk, admitting defeat. The Ukrainian grouping in Donbass is experiencing grave supply problems.

Two towns, Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, remain under Kiev's control in the Luhansk direction but Russian forces continue their persistent offensive.

According to sources, Ukrainian servicemen began to gradually leave Severodonetsk, of which the AFU chief Valeriy Zasluzhnyy reported to Zelensky and called the situation of Ukrainian troops “critical.”

The surrender of Azov fighters* (the organization, banned on Russian territory) had a negative impact on the motivation of the AFU military, half of which are combat soldiers. They no longer see any point in continuing to fight.

Experts believe that the Ukrainian group was too late in its retreat, which made sense only until the town of Popasna was under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. After two months of fierce fighting, Russian forces occupied the village, which ensured that the advancing group could reach operational space. According to a number of military correspondents, the Wagner Group played the main role in the storming of Popasna.

The Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovich called the position of the AFU “shit's creek,” referring to supply problems.

“Where is the tensest situation? It's Popasna, towards Bakhmut there, and, conventionally speaking, a little further southwest,” said Arestovich.

Zelensky is known to oppose the retreat of Ukrainian forces to the line of defense, for which he is strongly criticized by the military.

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