Kushchevskaya Village Braces for More Troubles

Kushchevskaya Village Braces for More Troubles

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New circumstances became known in the investigation of the sensational case of the ex-wife of the convicted Tsapok gang member Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, Natalia Strishney, and her brother Ivan Strishney

The criminal case against Fyodor Streltsov, Natalia Strishney, her brother Ivan Strishney, and other unidentified persons was opened by investigators of the Rostov State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on May 24 this year under the article “Extortion”. These persons are accused of extortion of 70 million rubles from the businessman Alexander Isyuk and members of his family back in 2010. Unexpectedly for the victims, the state prosecutor filed a motion to return the criminal case from the court to the prosecutor, which the court did. Obviously the prosecutor's office and the court together are trying to derail the investigation.

As lawyer Genrikh Khachaturov said at a press conference, the new episodes of the “Kushevskaya case” are investigated under unprecedented pressure on law enforcement agencies, victims, and witnesses.

Genrikh Khachaturov recalled that Natalia Strishney and her brother Ivan Strishney are accused of committing a particularly serious crime, punishment for which includes up to 15 years in prison.

However, the victims, their representatives, and lawyers are confident that active measures are being taken to derail the investigation of the Strishneys case and the cases of other members of the Tsapoks’ gang. The head of the investigative department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Rostov Region A.G. Khuade and the chairman of the Rostov Regional Court E.A. Zolotarev were timely notified of this.

However, despite this and unexpectedly for the victims, at the end of November 2019, the state prosecutor filed a motion to return the case to the prosecutor's office, and the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Rostov-on-Don agreed with this motion. As a result, the accused were sent under house arrest.

According to lawyer Alexander Voinalovich, the Corrective Service for the Suschevsky District has taken over the supervision. But even before the next court hearing, it became known that the preventive measure was not actually implemented, and Natalia Strishney freely moved around the Kushchevskaya village. In connection with this, on October 18, at the preliminary hearing, the complainants filed the corresponding complaints, to which the Corrective Service replied stating that they did not have the necessary technical means to monitor the location of the supervised persons.

The complainants filed a motion to amend the preventive measure but the court rejected this request.

And the complainants soon received threats of physical violence.

According to Natalia Isyuk, the wife of a complainant Alexander Isyuk, unknown people called her and her husband, threatened them and played a funeral march for them.

Natalia Isyuk says that the next day they appealed to the police. “Everyone remembers what happened in 2010. We all have children. We are afraid for them. We write appeals, we ask you to examine this case and protect us,” said Natalia. But law enforcement agencies do not respond to these appeals.

Natalia Isyuk says that Kushchevskaya is a small village where everyone knows each other, and news spreads quickly there. Natalia Strishney openly told people that the case would be closed.

“The case was already in court, and we were sure that justice would prevail. It was useless to write anywhere and complain about anything when the Tsapoks were in control. Now, the same thing is happening. It looks like anything is possible for a person that has looted hundreds of millions,” said Isyuk.

Vladislav Brazhnikov, the authorized representative of the witness Ponomarev, in turn said that pressure was exerted on the daughter of the witness. Ivan Strishney’s wife told her that they did not like the testimony of her father, and that he had to think well about how he was going to live with this.

Vladislav Brazhnikov says that there is a video camera in the fitness center where the woman worked and where this visit took place. “But I am 100 percent sure that the important evidence is either lost or destroyed,” Brazhnikov is convinced.

According to Brazhnikov, the situation in Kushchevskaya is heating up and it is impossible to turn a blind eye to this today.

In turn, Valery Doroshenko, who suffered from the bandits, believes that people see that the state machine is not functioning and no one is protecting them. They believe that the village may face the same trouble as in 2010, and people are bracing for it.

Witnesses and victims of the gang demand that they be protected. “I want to believe that justice will prevail, but every day these hopes are melting away,” Isyuk stated bitterly.

Genrikh Khachaturov drew attention to all sorts of tricks played by Natalia Strishney’s defense. In his opinion, an attempt of Natalia Strishney’s suicide was staged. She was hospitalized in the Kushchevskaya hospital. Strishney was diagnosed with drug poisoning with an unknown substance. Thus, the criminal case hearing is being delayed in every possible way.

On December 5, the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Rostov-on-Don heard a criminal case against S.P. Streltsova, who is accused of extortion together with her husband F.E. Streltsov.

The criminal case hearing was open. Even before the hearing some sources said that the criminal case would be returned to the prosecutor at his request and that the gang members had "come to consent" with the court and Streltsova would be released from custody. That was exactly what happened that day.