Day Before war Starts

Pr. Vladimir Zakharov is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the former deputy head of the USSR State Committee for Hydrometeorology, and an acclaimed scientist in the sector of development of nuclear engines for aircraft and laser impact on the atmosphere. He is the son of Matvey Zakharov, a celebrated marshal and twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

How I Looked for my Father's Division

“Dad, please tell me about the war,” I said to my father, playing with his decorations when I was little. “You don’t want to do it?” “What do you want to know?” he said gloomily. “How did we kill each other?”

Russia’s Top Financial Execustive is Making Friendly Investments

VEB.RF state development corporation invests money in joint projects involving Russia’s richest people. Meanwhile, the top executives of the corporation receive multimillion-dollar revenues.

Liberal Publication Reporters Using Trite COVID-19 Fake News to Trigger Protest Moods

Project, a liberal media outlet, has published an article where the situation around the novel coronavirus in St. Petersburg is again discussed through a prism favorable for opposition. The authors focus their efforts on information attacks, aimed at triggering protest sentiments among the residents.

Superheroine of Russian Ecology

On June 19, 2020, during the first plenary session of newly elected members of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Yelena Sharoikina, the head of the National Association for Genetic Safety, was unanimously elected head of the Commission for Ecology and Environment.

Lifting of Lockdown Measures Underway in Moscow City

As of June 6, Moscow City launched a gradual removal of restrictions imposed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, according to virologists, the situation remains quite serious.

Lest They Forget…

They say children don't know things that adults don't remember. But fortunately, we still have adults who remember a lot. How wonderful it is that we have an opportunity to hear their stories.

Rosbalt Reveals Collaboration of Libyan Prime Minister with Wagner Group

Reporters for the Rosbalt news service have published a sensational article. It said that the mercenaries of Wagner Group, which Western media often describe as a Russian paramilitary organization, support the so-called Government of National Accord (GNA) of Libya, controlled by Fayez al-Sarraj, Prime Minister of Libya.

US is Attacking Prigozhin, Main Enemy of US Politics

The Republican Party of the US has put forward the initiative to expand the list of sanctions against Russia, Iran and China in connection with the end of the arms embargo on Iran.

“Let us Work!”

In the Slavyansk district of the Krasnodar territory, a juicy scandal unprecedented for Russia has erupted. Not only the greater part of the largest enterprises engulfed by fever over many months, but also the staff of the Investigative Department rebelled against the Prosecutor's lawlessness and raiding.

Baikonur Cosmodrome is Celebrating its Anniversary

On June 2, 1955, pursuant to a decree of the General Staff of the USSR Defense Ministry the organizational and staff structure of the Scientific Research Test Range No. 5 (NIIP-5) was endorsed. This day became the date of foundation of the legendary cosmodrome and the city of Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

June to Bring New Life to Russians

The first month of summer brought a lot of innovations to the Russians. This includes paying additional allowances for children, tax write-offs for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as self-employed residents, revival of commercial domestic flights, and new rules for the sector of recreation and treatment.

“Homo Volaticus,” or Who Says That People Can’t Fly?

To rise into the sky was a long-held dream of a mankind that first came true in the late 18th century. A hot-air balloon invented by the Montgolfier brothers that they first demonstrated on June 5, 1783 helped live out that dream.

State Duma Deputy: Russian Authorities Were not Going to Provide Residents With Financial aid During Pandemic

“The Russian authorities were not going to feed people during the pandemic,” said Oleg Shein. “Neoliberal methods, such as targeted assistance to the residents, were predictably narrowed to a banal and unconvincing PR campaign.”

Irkutsk Scientists Develop Generally Available COVID-19 “Express Test”

After a laboratory in Irkutsk completes an express test for COVID-19, the Russians will be able to take it in any healthcare centre or private laboratory along with a CBC.