Fugitive Oligarch Cooperating with Turkish Website in Joint Russophobia

Last May, a project in Russian was launched on the website of TRT, a Turkish media holding company. It is an Internet platform for the Russian-speaking residents of the former Soviet republics turned independent states.

Wagner Group is Russia’s Main Tool in Fight Against Terrorism, say German Media

REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL (RSOTM) Telegram channel has published the photos and videos of the article of Deutsche Militärzeitschrift (DMZ) which, according to some media, might be associated with Wagner Group. The authors described it as a tool to promote Russia's interests abroad and to fight terrorism. The RSOTM Telegram channel provided a translation of the material telling the story of how this Russian paramilitary organization was formed.

Russia is Ruled by Secret Service Officers While Putin is Just Agents, Says Economist

“Obviously, the Federal Security Service (FSB) is the core organization,” economist Andrei Illarionov said. “However, it is not the only one. There are plenty of secret services and law enforcement agencies here. Some of these people are their former employees. As a result, some kind of united group has emerged.”

Stick for People, Carrot for Officials: Authorities Show Russians with Record Number of Bans

It should be said how the Russians were presented with a basket of these changes. They were hastily approved by the State Duma deputies and then by the Federation Council, the upper house of Russian parliament, in just a couple of days. After that, Vladimir Putin signed more than a dozen bills.

ISIS is Strengthening in Eastern Syria, say European Media

After the information about the withdrawal of the Wagner Group private military company from eastern Syria appeared on the Arabic media scene, the activity of the Islamic State (also ISIS, banned in Russia) has grown significantly in the region. According to the European media, these two facts are interrelated.

Fugitive Oligarch Cooperation With Turkish TRT in Joint Russophobia

In May of last year, the TRT Russian project was launched on the website of TRT, a Turkish media holding company. It is an Internet platform for the Russian-speaking residents of the post-Soviet space.

Buguruslan, you are Always in my Heart

On December 16, the famous Flight School in Buguruslan [a town in southern Urals] celebrated its 80th anniversary. It is a legendary alma mater of aviation experts, whose list includes three Heroes of the Soviet Union and eight Heroes of Russia, hundreds of excellent workers of the Aeroflot flag carrying airline and honored pilots.

Political Analyst Comments on Putin's Plans to Cleanse State Duma

Many experts have been talking for months about Vladimir Putin's possible plans to get rid of those officials who work against the interests of Russia and its people.

International Environmentalists Should Stop Gold Miners’ Violations in Kamchatka

Trans-Siberian Gold Plc (TSG), a British gold mining company, is operating in Kamchatka Peninsula for several years – and is persistently violating nature conservation laws. The world community should pay attention to the way TSG is destroying the unique nature of this area.

10 Years of Growing Popularity of Rosa Khutor Resort

Rosa Khutor, a mountainous resort located near Sochi, has become increasingly popular among the Russians in recent years. There are several explanations for this. For example, the infrastructure in the area is developing every year and the place has the fame of an Olympic venue.

US Loses its Right to Dole out Advice on how to Arrange Matters After Victims at Capitol

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman from St.Petersburg, commented on the approval procedure of the U.S. presidential election results. It took place against the backdrop of protest actions near the Capitol Building. According to him, these events showed that the U.S. political elite had turned the country into a laughingstock and, therefore, the U.S. had lost the right to dole out advice on how to arrange matters in other countries.

Russian Businessman Might Hire Michael Pompeo to Fight US Elites

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman with close ties to Vladimir Putin, had defined his position on the statement of the U.S. diplomat Michael Pompeo about Maxim Shugalei, the Russian sociologist who had been illegally held prisoner in Libya. Earlier, Pompeo had harsh words for Shugalei who, in turn, sent him an open letter to seek an explanation.

Is Distance Learning Preventive Measure or Profanation?

Switchover of the Russian general schools and universities to remote and distance learning causes a mixed response among the Russians. While some groups of parents and students stand for it because it reduces the chances that some of the children might bring the virus to the family.

Potential aggravation in the CAR is related to French ambitions in Africa

The Federal News Agency (the FNA) contacted the military expert Viktor Ognev and asked him to explain what is happening in the Central African Republic (the CAR) from his point of view. First of all, the FNA journalists were interested in rumors about a "Russian trace" in the CAR and provocations on the eve of the upcoming elections.

"Secrets" of Nuremberg

On November 20, 1945 the Nuremberg Trials of the main culprits of Nazism began. A lot has been written about them but many people are unaware of the fact some materials on the trials were never fully published. Only eight out of 42 volumes of transcripts have been disclosed. This is why the recollections of participants in those events are of particular interest.