Abakan Airport Doesn’t Need Neighbors

A huge area around the air hub will get a special status. This is required by new legislation. However, the updated rules violate the interests of thousands of ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs.

Alexey Botyan, aka Leo and Major Whirlwind

Day of Military Intelligence was once again celebrated on November 5 in Russia. This date was established by President Vladimir Putin’s decree issued on May 31, 2006.

Was Battleship Novorossiysk’s Explosion Accident or Terrorist Attack?

On October 29, 1955, 65 years ago, the Soviet battleship Novorossiysk exploded in the Sevastopol Bay. As a result, 604 sailors were killed. The cause of the accident remains unknown even now.

Designer is Praised by Roar of Aircraft

On October 27th, Genrikh Novozhilov would have celebrated 95the anniversary. He was one of a brilliant assemblage of legendary Russian aircraft constructors who brought glory to the country. In 1948, as a young graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) he was assigned to the Design Bureau of Sergey Ilyushin, an outstanding Soviet aircraft designer. He immediately joined the development of the IL-14, IL-46, IL-40 and IL-54 aircraft.

Robofest Going Online

Volnoe Delo Foundation established by Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, has opened XII Robofest, Europe's largest festival of research and technological creativity of school and university students. Its activities are aimed at developing the creative potential of the young generation.

In January Many Russians Might Stay Without Lighting and Hot Water, Says Media

According to Natalia Chernysheva, the head of the People's Control Committee, the amount of the total debt of the Russian residents for the consumed public utility services is underestimated. She says that during the lockdown in spring and early summer, the total collected payments fell 30-40% in some regions. Sometimes the collection rate decreased by 70%.

Russians Being Squeezed Dry, Says Communist Party Leader

Earlier, there were offers to introduce a tax of childlessness in Russia. Especially taken into account that in the distant past, the older generation of Russians had to pay a special fee in the form of a tax on single and childless residents in the USSR.

Navalny Contesting with Shugalei for Nobel Peace Prize

In his Telegram сhannel, Alexander Malkevich, the President of the Foundation for National Values Protection, shared his opinion on the nomination of Maxim Shugalei, a Russian sociologist kept in Libyan prison, for the Nobel Peace Prize. To his thinking, it would be fair and honest.

US Political Scientist Discusses Conditions Where Belarus Might Become Part of Russia

Political scientist Ted Carpenter believes that this is possible only if the Western countries “go too far in exerting pressure on Minsk.” In this case, according to him, chances are the Russian and Belorussian Presidents will have to take measures to unite their countries into one.

American Scientist is Warning of new Pandemic that Might Kill Half of World's Population

For example, pigs once transmitted whooping cough to humans. Tuberculosis, one of the terminal illnesses of recent decades, was transmitted from goats. Smallpox came from camels, and leprosy from buffalo. At present, the American physician Michael Greger believes that chickens might be dangerous.

New Way to Take Money Away from Russian Pensioners

Well-informed sources indicate that motivational fees might be introduced in the future for people who will tip the information off to the Federal Tax Service about pensioners who somehow evade paying taxes.

Russians Must Give Away All Money, Says Russian Economist

Moreover, according to Mikhail Delyagin, a Russian economist and head of the Institute for Globalization Problems, at the beginning of this year Mikhail Mishustin who previously served as Director of the Federal Taxation Service from 2010 to 2020, was appointed Prime Minister for “legalizing” incomes of the Russians.

State Duma Deputy Warns Against Hasty COVID-19 Vaccination in Russia

“Since this prototype [vaccine] hasn’t passed the necessary clinical investigation, it might carry risks,” said Yevgeny Fyodorov, a State Duma deputy and Russian politician. “Recently, Russia has announced that it had invented a vaccine for COVID-19. But this is only its prototype that has not passed all the clinical trials yet.”

No One's Pantheon

The subject of charity is very popular in Russia. Yes, it really exists, but for some reason not very evidently especially in the sector of children's healthcare, support for orphans and disabled children and assistance to orphanages and hospitals. This conclusion can be made after watching Russian TV news programs where requests for help are voiced very often.

COVID-19 is of Artificial Origin, Says Political Expert

This statement was made by Valery Solovey, a political expert and doctor of historical sciences, in an interview with the Ukrainian reporters. He excluded the version involving global conspiracy theories or participation of scientists from one of superpowers.