Ukrainian and US Intelligence Agencies Prepared Hopeless Operation to Trap Wagner Group Fighters Since 2019

Preparations for the operation to lure 33 Russians to Belarus for their subsequent abduction started in 2019. It failed most likely through the fault of the Ukrainian presidential administration. Preparations for the operation to lure 33 Russians to Belarus for their subsequent abduction started in 2019. It failed most likely through the fault of the Ukrainian presidential administration.

Equatorial Guinea Fails in Talks With Russian Wagner Group

Equatorial Guinea had planned to involve Russia in providing security in the country, but failed to reach a deal as it also wanted possible assistance in a coup against the incumbent President.

Equatorial Guinea's Government Delegation is Holding Talks in Moscow

According to flight tracking services, the Boeing belonging to the government of Equatorial Guinea arrived in Moscow. It is usually used by the country's leadership.

Planes With Wagner Group on Board Fly to Mali Back in August

The posts saying that members of the Wagner Group paramilitary organisation were deployed from Syria to Mali in August this year have emerged on the Arabic Twitter.

Russia is Suitable Partner for Mali – Le Monde

Le Monde published an article about the delicate situation involving French President Emmanuel Macron. According to the newspaper sources, he phoned Russian President Vladimir Putin to make an odd statement that “Paris is not leaving the Sahel.”

Integrity Journalism Award may be Launched in Russia

The Moscow Post online newspaper is well-known for its investigative reporting which often attracts a large audience. It has become recently known that its Public Council is planning to establish the Integrity journalism award. Details are published below.

Reuters: Wagner Group to Save Mali From Islamists

Reuters news agency quoted its sources as saying that Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group “private military company” would enter Mali under an agreement with the local government.

France is Losing its Vassals

Guinean President Alpha Condé, who had been in power since 2010, was overthrown in a military coup on 5 September 2021. He is known for his strong ties to France.

France’s Withdrawal From Africa is ‘Admission of Defeat,’ Says Political Analyst

The actions of the former metropolitan country, which is trying to keep its influence in Africa, indicate that the absolute collapse of Françafrique in the region is coming soon, said Russian political scientist Aleksandr Bovdunov.

New School Year Starts in Russia

A new school year began for 17 million Russian schoolchildren on September 1. Children and their parents are particularly happy that it will be in-person learning and not remote one as the epidemiological situation in most Russian regions is currently stable.

Army-2021 Forum Shows Weapons that Defend Russia

The Army-2021 international military forum and the 7th Army International Games, themed around equipment of the Russian military, were launched in the Patriot Park on August 22. Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated both events which were attended by representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry, government officials, defence companies’ executives and foreign delegations and guests.

Smart Cards to Replace Paper Passports at Citizens’ Request

On August 18, Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Maxut Shadayev announced that the replacement of the usual paper passport with its electronic version would not become mandatory. The announcement that paper passports, to which millions of Russians are accustomed, would be replaced had been made earlier.

Crimea and Krasnodar Territory Struggle Against "Genesis Flood"

Relief efforts continued in Kerch, Anapa, Temryuk and on the Taman Peninsula that were hit by a downpour on August 12-13. Emergency services are clearing streets of silt, debris and sand repairing flooded roads and building detours in some places.

Housing Crisis Spoils Bears

Bears attacked two people this summer in the south of the Krasnoyarsk territory. The victims died of their injuries. Access to the Ergaki Nature Park is restricted until the fall. It was decided to kill the most dangerous predators.

FAN Disproves BBC’s Wagner Group Investigation in Libya

A white computer tablet, dubious photocopies, drawings and poor acting are sufficient evidence of the presence of the Russian private military company Wagner Group in Libya, says the BBC.