Chief Infectious Disease Specialist Tells When COVID-19 Epidemic is to be Over in Russia

The gradual removal of restrictive measures is about to start. At the same time, the vast majority of the Russians continue to ask themselves the same question – when is the epidemic in Russia to be over? Elena Malinnikova, an infectious disease specialist at the Russian Ministry of Health, tried to answer this question.

State Duma Hears Proposal to Provide Russians With Free Face Masks, United Russia Is Against

It is worth noting that Valery Rashkin, a member of the Communist Party faction did not actually suggest anything new. He only put forward a proposal that had been obvious for a long time, especially on the background of experience in a number of Western countries, where the distribution of protective equipment to the residents is a common practice during a pandemic.

Governors’ Residences and Enrichment Methods found out where the governors of the Russian regions of Leningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Tambov and Penza live and how they help their relatives earn money.

Head Doctors of Medical Centers for Coronavirus Patients Tell About COVID-19 Situation in Moscow

Denis Protsenko, the head doctor of Moscow's Kommunarka medical center for coronavirus patients, and Alexei Svet, the head doctor of City Clinical Hospital No. 1, have spoken about the situation around the novel coronavirus in Moscow and what to expect of it.

State Duma Deputy on Support to Russians During Pandemic: They are Short of Money for Bread

Entrepreneurs whose business activity does not fall into a certain ECVED (Russian Classification of Economic Activities) category will not get state support, says State Duma deputy Oleg Shein. In this regard, he believes that the support measures specified by President Putin are not enough.

Chinese Scientists Tell How Coronavirus is Taking Root and Hiding in Human Body

According to scientists, the coronavirus infection was detected even in those patients who had been successfully cured from it. After recovering, they passed several tests for that pathogen, and the results turned out to be negative.

Experts Say Putin Might Soon Declare Pension Reform Cancelled

“Theoretically, the revoking of pension reform and reduction of the retirement age are the steps that the authorities might agree to in order to offset the risks, as well as to create a more comfortable agenda for themselves,” said Russian political scientist Pavel Salin.

Political Scientist Notes Desire of Elites to Remove Putin, Says Coup d'État to Start This Autumn

“Crisis seems the one and only way to do it. The [political] system is unlikely to be transformed, and everyone understands that. As early as this autumn, we might observe the first signs of a coup d'état in Russia,” summed up Pr. Solovey.

Russians are Told How to Distinguish Between Symptoms of Coronavirus and Allergies

Cough and shortness of breath are very typical for patients with bronchial asthma. The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) has made a reminder in this connection that they are in a higher risk group for COVID-19 because of this.

Russian Psychotherapist Says Exit From Self-Isolation to be Gradual and Long

At the same time, Dr. Kurpatov believes that all the difficulties should mobilize us, and people should not relax by any means when something goes wrong. When a person mobilizes, he or she spends the mental energy that breaks down the habitual dynamic stereotypes and is then channeled into creative activities.

Political Scientist States High Probability of Conflict Between Moscow Mayor, Kremlin

“I cannot predict what is happening next or what coalition will be created against [Moscow Mayor] Sergei Sobyanin. To my thinking, there might be some kind of coalition “For Freedom from Non-Legal Measures of Moscow Mayor,” said political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky.

Dnieper Turned Blood-Red, Recalls WW II Veteran

Before the start of combat operations on the Soviet front of World War II, Anna Ivanovna Shvets, née Kulinchenko, finished a secondary medical school in the town of Krolevets in the Sumy region in Ukraine.

Kursk Salient of Immortality

If you take a train from Moscow to Belgorod, a city some 650 km to the south of the capital, Prohorovka will be the next station after Kursk. A few kilometers away from it you will see a huge field with heroic T-34s on pedestals [a Soviet medium tank introduced in 1940, famously deployed during World War II against Operation Barbarossa.] This is the famous Prokhorovka tank field.

Russian Expert Talks About Possible Risks for Putin if no Financial Help is Provided to Russians Amid Pandemic

As the reason why the Russian authorities refuse to take these measures, Dr. Evgeny Gontmakher refers to Putin's desire to constantly demonstrate his independence when making decisions of this kind.

Media Finds out When Lockdown Is to be Over in Russia

TV channel says that according to the plans of the operational headquarters, the quarantine will be lifted not later than in June. President Vladimir Putin announced a prolongation of the non-working days beyond the previously named deadline of April 30 in his address to the country’s Security Council earlier this week.