French Media Discuss Russian PMC Successful Performance in CAR

The France 24 TV channel published the article on its website in which journalists admit that the Russian mercenaries were more successful in Africa in comparison with the French military.

Dangerous Work

The criminal investigation of former Minister of Forestry Dmitry Maslodudov, who is accused of bribery, is over in Krasnoyarsk. His brother who is a local entrepreneur was found guilty in this case earlier.

Accident at Listvyazhnaya Mine: 51 Dead and Over 60 Injured

A total of 52 people died in the Listvyazhnaya mine accident in the Kemerovo Region as of the morning of November 26. One of the rescuers who was considered dead and spent almost a day underground reached the surface reducing the number of victims of the tragedy to 51 people.

COVID-19 Makes Changes in the Future job Market

The COVID-19 pandemic will have a significant impact on the global labor market, say experts. This is evidenced by the findings of researchers and major global events…

Popular Film Director Passed Away

Vladimir Naumov, People's Artist of the USSR, USSR State Prize winner, Soviet and Russian film director, actor, screenwriter and instructor passed away on the eve of his 94th birthday. An entire era in the history of Soviet and Russian cinema went with him. Naumov was admired by his colleagues and his films were loved by millions of viewers.

Krasnoyarsk Garbage Problem

A criminal case was initiated against one of the two large Krasnoyarsk landfill operators. The company was suspended. The second operator is still in business, but there are similar claims against it.

Collective Farm Chief Accountant’s Ups and Downs

The Rossiya collective farm has unwittingly become a permanent character of the Stavropol Territory crime news column. It used to be a prosperous business but since Alexander Grinev and his associates illegally took the executive posts, the “new administration” has been successfully leading Rossiya to bankruptcy.

It is Necessary to Expose all Kiev Crimes, Says Senator Dzhabarov

The international community should know what is really happening in Donbas and what crimes Ukrainian servicemen are committing there. That is why it is necessary to give as much coverage of their illegal activities as possible, said Federation Council member Vladimir Dzhabarov.

Legal Claims Over Ukraine’s Crimes in Donbas Must be Filed - DPR Head

Donetsk People's Republic Head Denis Pushilin has supported the legal action of Donbas residents Viktor Barkalov and Vadim Shulak brought in international organizations. The world should know about the scope of crimes committed by Kiev, he said.

DPR Residents File Lawsuits Against Ukraine in International Courts

DPR residents Viktor Barkalov and Vadim Shulak drew attention to the issue of war crimes by Ukraine and former leader Petr Poroshenko’s regime, said Boris Rozhin, an expert of the Center for Political-Military Journalism and author of the Colonel Cassad blog.

Russian Hippocrates Evgeny Chazov Passed Away

Evgeny Chazov, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS,) Director Emeritus of Scientific Research Center of Cardiology and former Minister of Health of the USSR, passed away at the age of 93 on November 12 in Moscow, said the press service of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Bellingcat Film will not Shed Light on Truth, Says Maxim Shugaley

The “investigative movie” by Bellingcat (media, included into the register of foreign mass media, performing the functions of a foreign agent) about the detention of the Russian citizens in Belarus is unlikely to shed light on the truth, says sociologist Maxim Shugaley, head of the Foundation for National Values Protection.

Diamond Mining Company Sues Yakutsk Activist Over Story of Environmental Accident

ALROSA [a Russian group of diamond mining companies that specialize in exploration, mining, manufacture, and sale of diamonds] filed a lawsuit against Yakutsk environmentalist and public activist Alexander Zhurakovsky who had publicly spoken about an environmental accident at one of the holding's facilities.

VTB President Removes Data About his Ties With Los Hunting Establishment

Through an ownership chain, the Los hunting establishment belonged to Andrey Kostin, a Russian banker, president, and chairman of the VTB Management board. Thus, his company Muflon owns the Taels firm, which, in turn, was Los’s founder.

France is Frightened of Russian PMC in Mali

The work of Russia’s private military companies in the Sahel-Sahara region was “unacceptable,” said Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly. News about the arrival of the Russian Wagner Group in Mali was first published in the summer of 2021.