Siberian Reporter’s Trail Leading to Scandalous Businessman

Siberian Reporter’s Trail Leading to Scandalous Businessman


The scandal involving the ex-assistant to a well-known Krasnoyarsk businessman who hit Pavel Brykin, a reporter of the Dezhurnaya Chast (Control Room) TV show covering accidents is likely to have far-reaching consequences. Many people consider this the beginning of a massive attack on businessman Anatoly Bykov in order to definitive eclipse him as a political figure.

The incident occurred in Krasnoyarsk on February 20. The TV crew was waiting for Alexey Talyuk, a member of Anatoly Bykov's inner circle, in the yard of his house. Talyuk refused to communicate with Brykin, got into the car and tried to leave but somehow caught Brykin. As a result, the latter man fell on the pavement. The reporters of Rossiya 24 state-owned news channel got used to the situations like this -- they often have to walk the tightrope. For example, last year there was a juicy scandal in Khakassia where Ivan Litomin, a colleague of Pavel Brykin, drove mad Sergey Zaitsev, the head of the Shirinsky district. Litomin was so persistent that Zaitsev put him on the floor and tried to strangle him.

However, this case is completely different. Almost immediately, a news release on the incident appeared on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia, and law enforcement agencies arrived at the scene of the accident, including General Tamara Belkina, the deputy chief of the Russian Interior Ministry’s division in the Krasnoyarsk territory. Brykin finished his report, lying on the floor. After that, he was taken away in an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed him with the leg injury. Talyuk was put in a temporary holding facility and then released and placed under house arrest.

It became clear to everyone immediately that the main target was his patron -- Anatoly Bykov, the former owner of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter, former deputy of the regional legislative assembly, a businessman, politician and crime boss. Talyuk is called his right-hand man and the mastermind tackling electoral issues. Rossiya 24 aired a report in which the reporters revealed all the skeletons from his closet. They even visited the penal colony where Vladimir Tatarenkov, a killer and former head of a gang from Sayanogorsk, a town in the Republic of Khakassia, has been kept for many years. According to operative data, in the 1990’s he was a killer working for Bykov on a regular basis but then they fell out with each other.

Tatarenkov has repeatedly made public disclosures about Bykov. In the early 2000s, law enforcers even reached agreement with Greece, where he was serving a sentence, on his temporary extradition to Russia. Tatarenkov recorded a video where he accused Bykov of all the high-profile murders that took place in Krasnoyarsk in the 1990s. The video is ended with the words: "You are a scumbag, Anatoly Petrovich." In his new video, Tatarenkov confirmed once again that he had killed at the request of Bykov.

However, Bykov has only entry in his crime record – a sentence for concealing the murder of another criminal leader Vilor Struganov, better known as Pasha Tsvetomuzyka (Pasha the Color Music,) which later turned out to be initiated by intelligence services. However, Bykov still got a suspended sentence. Many believe that it is the real reason for the current steamrolling. In 2020, Bykov's 15-year restriction on participation in elections as a person convicted under a grave article will expire. However, Anatoly Bykov is very popular with the residents who are comfortable with his criminal past and remember his generous charity and patronage activities. At the same time, Bykov has recently been the target of criticism on the part of both regional and federal authorities for colonial policy in Siberia. A few months ago, he announced that the people of Siberia need a new political party.

Apparently, the command “to lay siege” was given from upstairs. They started boring the routes of approach through his inner circle. "This is a clear sting operation. Two minutes later, all the services were at the scene: the Investigative Committee, police, detector dog handlers, special operation forces, etc. And average citizens are complaining that they are waiting for the police for a half of the day. The good thing is that they didn't find any banned substances on Talyuk. However, they could have found something easily, it is not a problem these days," Vladimir Vladimirov, a Krasnoyarsk restaurateur and ex-deputy of the Krasnoyarsk city council, told

Anatoly Bykov himself barely communicates with the media on principle. The only exception is KrasNews, the Krasnoyarsk news portal he is in charge of, which actually serves as a press service. The counterpunch appeared quite quickly on its site. The articles cited Talyuk and stated that allegedly, Brykin said in a telephone conversation with him that he came to "whack" Bykov and would do it as long as it takes. On the eve of the incident, a crew from Rossiya 24 tried to break into Bykov's residence. Allegedly, it got to the point where the owners of the country house had to call the police. Brykin himself rushed to the hood of Taluk's car shouting "I'll put you to jail!" Then he posed on the ground for a long time, preemptively putting a piece of cardboard on it. In addition, Talyuk called an ambulance for him. Bykov gave a detailed interview for KrasNews in which he repeated once again that the authorities were afraid of him, that the region and the country were impoverished, and the state was thinking about anything else but the interests of its citizens. “We have been under real surveillance for the last few months,” said Ivan Serebryakov, a deputy of the regional legislative assembly from Bykov’s inner circle. “The task was to defame Anatoly Bykov and his team. The calculus here is simple: finding oneself in crime reports is a serious blow to reputation.”

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