Sycophancy for U.S. Backfires on Europe

Sycophancy for U.S. Backfires on Europe


Two big groups of illegal migrants entered Poland through the city of Bialystok, located in the eastern part of the country overnight to Wednesday, Polish mass media outlets reported.

To enter the EU, both groups destroyed the fence on the Belarusian-Polish border near the villages of Krynki and Bialowieża. According to the Polish border guards, there were several dozen people in each group that entered the country. Some of them were caught and immediately returned to the Belarusian territory, while the rest are still on the wanted list.

Meanwhile, all seems quiet in the impromptu migrant camp near the border-crossing point in the township of Kuznitsa. Several hundred refugees live there in tents or even in the open air in sub-zero temperatures. “The migrants received food from Belarusians today. They have tents and sleeping bags and light bonfires to warm up in the evening. Refugees are under constant control of the Belarusian security services,” the Polish Border Guard Service reported.

“We observe a bundle of the crucial contradictions of the modern European Union on the Belarusian-Polish border,” political scientist Dmitri Yevstafyev, Ph.D., Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics told “Everything had been peaceful and calm on the border, but then certain events promptly exposed all the contradictions that had long been piling up in the European Union.”

It turns out that there is no such thing as a prosperous European Union that offers equal rights. On the contrary, it is a community of states, split by contradictions, eager to snatch at least a tiny piece of the pie from Germany, because now there is “nothing to take from France,” Yevstafyev said.

Illegal migrants repeatedly tried to force their way across the Belarusian-Polish border but they have not been able to get into Poland so far. Ewelina Szczepańska, a representative of the Polish border guard press service, has recently complained that “the situation is very complicated because we are dealing with large aggressive groups.”

A representative of the Belarusian State Border Committee previously reported that “about a thousand refugees” were moving towards the border with Poland. Warsaw called these actions “a massive border crossing attempt instigated by the Belarusian authorities.”

“Our European partners have constantly reminded us that the current global world is absolutely transparent,” Yevstafyev says. “Let us live ‘without borders and sovereignties.’ If there is sovereignty, it must necessarily be an American one. There has always been one big “but” in all of this. They have not believed in this global world at all.”

According to him, our European “partners” are now starting to feel the backlash but it is just the first and “very small boomerang.”

“It’s just the beginning. I strongly believe that other boomerangs will return to Europe. The so-called “historical revenge” for playing up to the United States will be the worst,” concluded Yevstafyev.

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