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The Right to a Monopoly

Gazprom's stocks with a total value of $5 bln have been purchased by clients of share investment funds. Forbes sources claim that the latter are under control of the specialized company Gazprombank - Asset Management.

Cagocel Is a Time Bomb

Apart from the obvious problems with the absence of vital drugs in the country, the Ministry of Healthcare also has some time bombs in its arsenal. The name of one of them is Cagocel.

India Refuses Russian Pantsir Missile System

The Indian defense officials were dissatisfied with the real tactical and technical characteristics of the Russian Pantsir missile system (Pantsir-S1), and are likely to give preference to its South Korean counterpart system.

Did Khazin Convince Putin into Starting the process of Elimination?

Mikhail Khazin, a popular Russian economist, has recently published an article with a historical and economic slant entitled “The Golden Age of Catherine II or the Problems of Catch-Up Modernization.” This piece begins quite traditionally but ends in an offbeat way. But first thing first.

Usolyekhimprom’s Demercurization: One Step At a Time

The July statement by Svetlana Radionova, the chair of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage (Rosprirodnadzor), who said the “ecological Chernobyl” is located in the Irkutsk region (Siberia), has not helped much so far to solve the problem. The industrial site in Usolye-Sibirskoye, a town in the Irkutsk region, is still poorly protected and serves as a source of severe environmental pollution.

Bosov's Attack: Sibanthracite’s Owner Covering Up His Failures With “Black PR?”

Mikhail Abyzov's legal problems have affected not only the ex-minister but also some of his partners, too. The owner of Sibanthracite Group Dmitry Bosov associated with Abyzov, who has been caught in thefts, is also going through difficult times. The problem is Bosov is looking for a way out with the help of meaningless attacks on his business partners.

Young People Expect to be Included in Business

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to find a way to include the Russians to 18 years of age in the list of entrepreneurs. Today it is almost impossible for underage Russians to run a business, and special grants and patents have to remedy the situation.

Krasnodar Authorities: Beat the Animal Rights Activists, Make Others Scared!

The defense of animals in Krasnodar, the administrative center of the North Caucasus region in southern Russia, is turning into a dangerous business. On Sunday, the security guards of a private security firm beat up animal rights activists who came to picket the estate of Krasnodar governor Veniamin Kondratyev.

Operation Reshuffle 2.0: the Expert Predicts What Happens in Russia in 2024

According to some information, Vladimir Putin is not thinking about the successor, and his press secretary Dmitry Peskov says that now “it’s not the right time for talking” but, rather, “time to work.”

The Muddy Nature of Dmitry Bosov and Other Coalminers

Russia has finally signed the Paris agreement on climate change. Back in August, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that working within the framework of the agreement will require a "significant reconstruction" of Russian economy, even though the country is meeting the standards for emissions reduction vs. 1990 with a large margin.

Potanin by Nature

Russian businessman Vladimir Potanin, who has briefly occupied a high state position in the past, has spent years in the top league of Russian business with a fair result. And that is why the art of lobbyism for his own interests in various departments is well familiar to him.

Declining Number of Doctors Identified by Russian Healthcare Ministry

Russian Healthcare Ministry has released a report on the state of healthcare in the regions. In 2018 the number of doctors in Russia increased by 0.07 percent, a total of 404 specialists. However, their number has simultaneously declined in 54 territories of the Russian Federation.

Tax Regulations for Self-Employed Extending to 19 More Regions

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has proposed to expand the area of application of special tax regulations for the self-employed to 19 more regions of the country. The bill drafted by the ministry was posted at the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

Personal Incomes to Fall 50 Percent: Expert Speaks About the Coming Crisis in Russia

Many experts believe that the Russians have to prepare for the next economic crisis. Traders and economists say this may happen next year.

Beginning of Power Transfer: Expert Comments on Gossip About Putin's Successor

Discussion of the politician with the host of the show began to move smoothly over to gossip about the successor: why was it necessary? Nikita Isayev claimed that, in his opinion, the talk about the successor marked the beginning of power transition.

Why Merge Kamov And Mil?

Not only Lord works in mysterious ways but also many Russian economic managers. The illustrative example of this is the start of reforming the Russian helicopter industry. The merging of the two design bureaus named after Mikhail Mil and Nikolai Kamov by Russian Helicopters might lead to their destruction Recently, almost all the main media channels have reported that one of the executives of Russian Helicopters in “heavy thoughts about the Russian helicopter industry” either had chased squirrels, or photographed them, and as a result had broken his neck and got into resuscitation department. No sooner had the news left the media scene than other executives of the helicopter holding officially announced the beginning of restructuring of the two world-known helicopter design bureaus that Russia had received from the USSR. At the meeting of the board of directors of Russian Helicopters, a final decision was to merge two helicopter design schools.

Human Rights Activists In Need Of Protection

Russian human rights system is undergoing consistent destruction that embraces both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Officially, they are likely to continue their work, especially the governmental ones, yet they may turn into overt shams, and their activities will be reduced to a mere imitation of human rights protection.

Russia To Take Over World's Financial System

Swedish economist Stefan Fölster has published a novel-prediction The Crash of 2024 in which he accused Russia of the intention to "destroy the world’s financial system". Western sanctions will become the reason for this apocalypse. At the same time, the Russians will simply blow up Stockholm to get it out of the way.