Sanctions as Manifestation of Feverish Russophobia

Sanctions as Manifestation of Feverish Russophobia


Sanctions, designed by representatives of the EU against the Wagner Group, are part of feverish Russophobia which is increasingly taking hold in the Western countries, says Andrei Koshkin, head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology at Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Doctor of Political Science, and a military expert.

According to him, Russia's positive image among African countries is a real threat to the plans of the West. Not only an information campaign is being conducted but also restrictive measures are being developed to counter Moscow.

“There is a desire to stop Russia on all boundaries, including in Africa, where Russians are very well regarded. The sanctions in question are part of an overall anti-Russian campaign. The loss of influence on the continent that is historically important to the West has prompted European officials to take new measures.

Koshkin believes that the situation is extremely unfavorable for the EU countries. France has actually recused itself from the case and does not provide the necessary support to former colonies where the Russians are very popular now.

“Everything might come into play amid feverish Russophobia, including sanctions. Wagner Group is steeped in legend, and all of Africa and the Middle East are impressed by the effectiveness of Russian mercenaries. This hurts the reputation of the West a lot, in addition, the French Operation Barkhane against the terrorists in the Dark Continent was terminated without any acceptable results,” said Koshkin.

According to him, no one is immune from getting on the sanctions list. Any organization or person can be accused of something if it does not require any evidence or grounds.

“Sanctions can be imposed against anyone working in Africa. European politicians can set up geologists and put them on the sanctions lists. This is what the documents prepared by the Europeans, which are devoid of facts, but describe the restrictions quite clearly, are about.”

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