Samsung Launches New Flagship Galaxy S Smartphone Ahead of Schedule

Samsung Launches New Flagship Galaxy S Smartphone Ahead of Schedule


On January 21, Samsung Electronics released the first Galaxy S smartphone with a stylus for on-screen work called the S Pen. It happened more than a month ahead of its usual annual release schedule for models of its flagship compact phone.

According to analysts, a stylus in the Galaxy S21 series might indicate that the company will merge the S line with the Note, its other premium smartphone line-up which is already equipped with a note-taking stylus. Experts believe that Samsung might be trying to seize a share of the market for itself after its Chinese competitor Huawei Technologies suffered from U.S. sanctions, which limited its supplies and cut down the sales. According to Counterpoint Research’s analyst Sujong Lim, the early launch of the Galaxy S21 is a tactic that will allow Samsung to gain advantage from the problems faced by Huawei.

Lim said that Samsung was facing fierce competition in the high-end category from Chinese suppliers at the background of increasing demand for devices that can be used for remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as videogaming.

In the United States, the Galaxy S21 price range starts at $799.99, the S21 Plus version at $999.99, and the S21 Ultra at $1,199.99.

From January 29, the series will be widely available on the website, as well as mobile providers and retailers online, Samsung said.

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