Russian Wagner Group is Compared to British Corsairs

Russian Wagner Group is Compared to British Corsairs


The discussion post on the mission of private military companies (PMCs) these days was published by an author of the Sons Of Monarchy Telegram channel.

According to him, there are some similarities between the employees of private military companies and the British corsairs.

In the 16th century, with the permission of the British Crown, they undermined the Spaniards’ sway in the New World. Thus, England managed to avoid the necessity to use the official army for gaining an advantage over the Spanish fleet.

Like the British pirates of the past, private military companies operate in the interests of the authorities when the government of one or another country cannot deploy its official armed forces. The presence of military structures means benefits for everybody. First of all, to the authorities that avoid the international scandals thanks to private military companies. Secondly, to the people in power, as their territory is liberated by the fighters of these companies from the militants.

Thirdly, to the employees of these companies themselves. It is often the case when genetic fighters have experience of real combat actions but do not have an opportunity to earn their living by this craft in the official military units of the country. In this case, they have to work for a pittance in protection agencies. Private military companies give these people an opportunity to put their combat skills into practice, to serve their homeland in exotic lands and to earn good money.

Many experts note that the fighters of Wagner Group, a Russian private military company, are exceptionally well qualified. They have experience in combating terrorists in many hotbeds of tensions around the world.

“Wagner Group conducts brilliant military operations in places where Russia cannot use the regular army for various reasons,” says the author of the Sons of Monarchy Telegram channel. “In fact, the Russian fighters form a unique military class of warriors. They are somewhat of the Russian Cossacks [members of semi-military communities in czarist Russia who were organized into permanent rapid deployment regiments and led the life of ordinary farmers in times of peace] before the Russian revolution in 1917 and of the British corsairs in the time of the exploration of America."

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