Russian UAVs in sky of Ukraine

Russian UAVs in sky of Ukraine


Russian troops used a strike unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is part of the Lastochka complex, in the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. According to media reports citing sources in the security services, the drones struck nationalists and destroyed several armored vehicles.

Latest Drone is Used in Combat

In modern warfare, great importance is attached to drones, which can not only collect intelligence, conduct fire corrections, but also strike at various targets themselves. This gives a great advantage both in the offensive and defensive actions and, most importantly, allows saving the lives of soldiers.

Meanwhile, according to, Rostec specialists have previously announced that they plan to create UAVs that can be placed in a pocket. Such mini-drones will be virtually invisible to the enemy, but will help the military to aim fire and collect intelligence data. All these actions are performed in real time, which is very important in combat operations.

Large Sabotage Group Detected in Kherson and the Kherson Region

According to RIA Novosti, Russian law enforcers have uncovered a large sabotage group in Kherson and the Kherson Region, controlled by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) from Odessa. The saboteurs were detained, together with weapons they seized 48 kilograms of TNT, which was intended to blow up railroad tracks. Over the past two weeks, Russian servicemen in Kherson also discovered weapons caches in which were hidden not only machine guns, grenade launchers, and a machine gun, but even two Igla portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADs).

In addition, the Russian military discovered a staging post used by Ukrainian sabotage groups. Firing positions, designed to bombard roads used by Russian convoys with humanitarian aid to the Kherson Region, were also identified. These roads are also used for the transfer of military equipment.

Progress of Operation

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, over the past 24 hours, Russian aviation and artillery hit nine enemy control points and the SBU headquarters in Kramatorsk, which is currently under Kiev's control in the DPR. At the same time, according to media reports, the Russian military noted that mobilized residents living in the western regions of Ukraine refuse to travel to the site of hostilities in Donbass due to large losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Russian sappers continue their work to defuse explosive devices that had been planted by Ukrainian Nazis on agricultural fields in the Zaporizhzhia Region. More than 100 mines and other explosive devices have been destroyed recently.

According to media reports, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the day before that Russia had appealed to the IAEA in connection with an attack by Ukrainian drones on the Zaporizhzhya NPP. At present, Russia is waiting for the reaction of the international community to the actions of the Ukrainian side. If the nuclear power plant is hit on a large territory, there will be a man-made disaster comparable only to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. As reported by RIA Novosti, the day before the Russian permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich said that weapons from Western countries imported into Ukraine would be destroyed to avoid their use against civilians and civilian objects.

Yesterday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu awarded Medals of Hero of Russia to servicemen who had shown heroism and courage during a special operation.

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