Russian PMA is Spotted in Tripoli – GNA Interior Ministry Might be new Customer

Russian PMA is Spotted in Tripoli – GNA Interior Ministry Might be new Customer


In Tripoli, a car with armed men has been spotted. Allegedly, they were the fighters of Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization. According to the mass media, they came to Libya to protect Fathi Bashagha, the so-called “Interior Minister” of the Government of National Accord (GNA.)

The Arab mass media reported that a vehicle carrying armed men had been spotted in the Libyan capital. Allegedly, they were Wagner fighters.

Initially, the data on the presence of the Russian volunteers in Tripoli appeared in social networks. Users posted a photo of the car. To their thinking, there might be the Russians in the car. The relevant information was published by local media outlets.

Sources have not specified the purpose of the arrival of Wagner fighters. However, it was recalled that Fathi Bashagha, the head of the Interior Ministry of the Government of National Accord, had asked for help.

“Most likely, these are the fighters of a private military company, the same ones that were previously mentioned,” the informant wrote on Facebook. “It was reported that they had recently arrived by plane. In my opinion, they were tasked to protect some of the GNA leaders. Perhaps, Mr. Bashagha. However, so far, their mission remains unclear.”

Similar information was published by a Twitter user. He confirmed that indeed, a car with armed Russians had been spotted in Tripoli.

“In Tripoli, a car with Russian fighters was noticed,” he said. “Apparently, they were brought by plane from Vladivostok to Tripoli, and belonged to Wagner Group.”

Earlier, on the Internet, data appeared that the plane with the fighters of the Wagner private military company had gone from Vladivostok to Tripoli. In addition, it was said that Bashagha sought help from the Russian volunteers after the attempts to remove him from the post of head of the GNA “Interior Ministry” had been made. The so-called “minister” worries about his life trying to stay in power. Possibly, it was for his protection that the Russians had arrived in Libya.

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