Russian Expert Sees Attempt of Liberal Putsch in Russia

Russian Expert Sees Attempt of Liberal Putsch in Russia


It is for this reason, says Mikhail Delyagin, that unprecedented restrictive measures have been taken in Russia earlier. They were completely out of proportion to the scale of the situation, but they allowed plunging millions of Russians into misery and almost driving them into despair.

In recent years, the Russian authorities seem to be inclined to giving new ideas for criticism of themselves. First they came up with an inconceivable charade with taxes. Then they rose the retirement age. After that they launched a yet another initiative that “annoyed” the residents.

Moreover, the year of 2020 has become really “special” for officials of all ranks, revealing the truly deep potential of the state as an instrument to turn the life of the Russians into an ordeal. Almost every decision taken caused nothing but a genuine sensation of its irrationality.

Anyway, this year, the decisions that had been made previously by the government and were already affecting the lives of ordinary people, were aggravated by two more key events.

First, there was a record-breaking fall of the oil prices that pounded the ruble’s exchange rate. Then the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which subsequently reached Russia, too, and forced the federal authorities to take really unprecedented steps.

Moreover, these steps were overblown sometimes. This fact was repeatedly hinted at by numerous experts and opposition politicians.

However, it has become more and more difficult to talk in recent days about who is criticizing whom and what for. Especially since experts themselves are gradually getting confused about who is really to blame and what the wrongdoings are. In addition, their worst case scenarios about the possible negative consequences of the latest decisions of the federal center still require a reality check.

Meanwhile, there is an alternative opinion that all these decisions leading to the fast growth of social tensions in Russia and aggravating the situation in many sectors, are deliberately made by some “liberal elites” who pursue the goal to cause public indignation and to let the government down by committing a “liberal coup d’état” in the country.

“Liberal Coup d’État”

Seemingly, representatives of the Russian liberal elites are carrying out purposeful subversive activities. They are deliberately worsening the standard of living of the residents in order to maximize their dissatisfaction with the work of the authorities. This opinion was expressed by Mikhail Delyagin, a well-known Russian politician and economist, on his YouTube channel. According to him, the situation around the epidemic of the novel coronavirus and the following restrictive measures were artificially inflated in the country.

According to Delyagin, that chaos along with a rapid increase in public discontent and social tensions was initially the main goal of the liberals. It was the main strategic task of the elites that are preparing another coup d’état in Russia. If everything goes according to their plan, they might get new opportunities to carve up all the wealth of Russia. At the same time, Delyagin is confident that the liberal elites have been waiting for the opportunity to jump to a new stage of privatization in the country for quite a long time. In doing so, they will get a chance to become owners of all those assets that they did not have time to seize in the 1990s. Delyagin says that at the same time, there might be an attempt to gain possession of those large enterprises that were established in Russia in the new century.

It is for this reason, stresses Mikhail Delyagin, that unprecedented restrictive measures have been taken in Russia earlier. They were completely out of proportion to the scale of the situation, but they made it possible to plunge millions of Russians into a misery and almost driving them to despair.

According to Delyagin, given the accumulated social tension and the overall worsening economic situation in the country, it is necessary to take urgent measures to ensure a stable economic growth in the country before the end of this year. Otherwise, by that time, the national economy and the situation in general are highly likely to slide into depression.

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