Russian Defense Ministry Responds to James Hippy

Russian Defense Ministry Responds to James Hippy


The British Under Secretary of Defense James Hippy said that his government admits that Ukraine might strike “legitimate military targets” in Russia, using weapons of Western countries in the process.

The Russian Defense Ministry considered Hippy's speech to be a direct provocation of the Kiev regime for active actions. Official London is no longer hiding its goals, which it is pursuing. In response to this the day before, the Russian military, as reported by TASS, said that such actions would receive a proportional response.

The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly warned that the Russian Armed Forces are ready to respond with high-precision weapons at any time. Russia possesses long-range missiles that could be used in response to strikes on decision-making centers in Kiev.

At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry has already repeatedly reported that it is aware of the presence of high-ranking foreign mercenaries in Ukraine, who act as instructors. Russia is well aware that these advisors are precisely in the centers where decisions are made. This circumstance “will not necessarily be a problem” when our country decides on retaliatory strikes.

Earlier, Hippy said that the Ukrainian side chooses the targets and not those who supply military equipment to Ukraine. However, the British deputy defense minister stressed, as reported by TASS, that it was “perfectly legal” to choose a military target that is deep behind enemy lines to disrupt logistics and cut off supply routes. At the same time, Hippy specified that in such a situation it is quite possible to use Western weapons and it “will not necessarily be a problem.”

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, James Hippy's statements about the Ukrainian side's strikes on military facilities in Russia are heinous, crossing all imaginable boundaries. Zakharova added that Western countries are supplying more and more weapons to Ukraine, as if in competition with each other. At the same time, at every opportunity, they do not forget to remind us that they are in favor of peace and that the fighting must stop.

There is no logic in such actions. As is known, it is Russia that supplies food pruducts, baby food, medicine, and clothing to Donbass. Russia provides humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave dangerous territories, and it was Russia that repeatedly urged the Ukrainian military to lay down their arms and stop resisting. In response to Russian appeals, thousands of Ukrainians surrendered while saving their lives. Moscow calls for negotiations to resolve the situation peacefully. Meanwhile, Western countries, together with the United States, do nothing but send hundreds of tons of military supplies to Ukraine, as if pouring kerosene on the flaming flames. This does not extinguish the conflict, but only prolongs it.

Zakharova also noted that Western countries do not make statements that would call for a negotiation process because they have “other things on their minds.” According to Zakharova, they need to “pump Ukraine with weapons and then set it on fire.” There is no need to talk about the U.S. influence in this case, because “everyone understands that,” said Zakharova.

On the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov [a Russian television talk show on Russia-1] program, Zakharova said that the ultimate goal of the collective West is “world domination over everyone.” In her opinion, they want to establish “full control” over states and political forces, as well as over individuals who exert “any kind of influence.” That is their goal and their program.

To ensure that this scenario does not gain momentum, as Zakharova underlined, Russia needs to stand up for state red lines, those barriers “beyond which you cannot cross.”

Meanwhile, according to Roman Starovoit, the Governor of the Kursk Region, a Ukrainian reconnaissance drone was shot down over the region's territory tonight by air defense forces. There were no casualties or damage.

In turn, the Governor of the Voronezh region, Alexander Gusev, said that on April 27 an air defense system detected and destroyed a reconnaissance UAV near Voronezh.

On April 25, another accident occurred in the Belgorod Region, where, according to the region's Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, a warehouse with ammunition caught fire. The fire was promptly extinguished, with no casualties or damage.

It should be reminded that the elevated level of terrorist danger has been extended in Kursk, Belgorod, and Bryansk regions due to continued sabotage from the Ukrainian side. The situation in the border regions is under the control of special services and regional administrations, wrote Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

According to the FSB Public Relations Center, the special services detained two Russians in Belgorod who were “supporters of Ukrainian Nazism” and who were preparing sabotage on the railroad.

“It has been established that the said individuals sent information to the Ukrainian Peacemaker website about members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation who took part in a special military operation,” said the representatives of the FSB.

The suspects are confessing and a criminal case was opened for “preparation for sabotage.”

RIA Novosti reported that in a video published by the FSB, the detainees admit that they were planning to damage railroads in the Belgorod Region, where trains with military equipment travel.

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