Russian Businessman Requests Justification for Individual Sanctions from Council of Europe

Russian Businessman Requests Justification for Individual Sanctions from Council of Europe


Russian businessman Evgeny Prigozhin is going to get the Council of Europe to lift the sanctions imposed on him. On November 26, this was announced by representatives of the press service of the Concord company in the VK social network.

Employees of the company said that Prigozhin had already sent an official statement to Brussels. It demands to remove him from the Libya sanctions list as the arguments of the Council of Europe are unsubstantiated.

“The use of restrictive measures against him violates the basic principles of the use of restrictive measures (sanctions,)" said representatives of the Concord company. “According to the resolution, Prigozhin has some “strong connections” with some Wagner Group. However, its existence remains unconfirmed, and there are no EU sanctions imposed on it.”

The Council of Europe has not specified how Evgeny Prigozhin could violate European security regulations.

“There is no logical or causal connection between his action or omission and consequences,” the Concord press service said.

Concord’s representatives said that in the current situation, it was impossible to understand the reasons for which sanctions had been imposed on Prigozhin. They also reported that in the statement transferred to Brussels, he demanded to show him the documents on the basis of which the restrictive measures had been applied against him.

“Given the lack of justification for the reasons for the imposition of sanctions, Evgeny Prigozhin also asks to show him the papers that served as the basis for the resolution to include him in the sanctions list,” the press service says.

Evgeny Prigozhin and a number of his companies were first included in the U.S. sanctions lists back in 2014. However, each year the restrictions are getting tougher and more sophisticated. Different reasons are voiced for introducing new sanctions. For instance, “interfering” in the U.S. elections and meddling in the affairs of other countries such as Syria, Ukraine, etc.

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