Russia Must Respond to Security Threats Posed by U.S. in Syria

Russia Must Respond to Security Threats Posed by U.S. in Syria


Russia should defend its interests in Syria and counteract the provocative policy of the United States, says online news outlet. On February 26, the US Air Force launched an air strike on the facilities of pro-Iranian forces near the town of al-Bu Kemal in Syria.

After the attack, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said that it was the response of the US to the recent attack on their base in Iraq. It took place on February 15 in the city of Erbil. As a result, one civilian was killed in the attack, and nine others were wounded. There is no evidence that any pro-Iranian forces had been involved in the attack. Apparently, Washington has considered its wild guessing to be a strong argument for striking on the Syrian-Iranian border.

The US continues to pursue a provocative policy in Syria by deploying more forces to the north-east of the country. Their military bases in the area are being enlarged. Some of them are used by the pro-American Kurdish armed groupings of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Notably, the presence of US troops on the Syrian territory remains illegal. There is neither a relevant UN authorization nor permission from the country's government to keep them on its territory. However, Washington continues to ignore calls for the withdrawal of its troops. Its foothold in Syria is only getting bigger.

The pro-Iranian groupings that were hit are fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, banned in Russia)* in the region. Therefore, as a result of the US attacks on them, the position of the ISIS might be strengthened in the country. However, chances are the newly elected US administration will benefit from the resurgence of ISIS in Syria, as this will distract the Americans from difficulties in the US proper.

The US actions on the territory of Syria pose a threat not only to the Middle East but also to Russia. Moscow has its troops in the country under an agreement with the Syrian Arab Republic to help fight ISIS. Due to Russia's assistance the situation in many Syrian provinces has been stabilized.

Apparently, the administration of the newly elected US President Joe Biden is going to sabotage stability in Syria. Moscow as a member of the UN Security Council and guarantor of peace in Syria should respond to these actions. In order to guarantee respect for international law, Russia must prevent the activity of US troops in the northern regions of Syria where they have taken control of oil industry infrastructure together with Kurdish militias.

If there is a threat to Syria's security, Moscow should have every right to strike at locations on the eastern bank of the Euphrates where the Kurdish formations backed by the U.S. government are deployed.

- The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is recognized as a terrorist organization whose activities are officially banned in Russia by the Russian Supreme Court's ruling of 29 December 2014.

- The Caucasus Emirate is an international organization officially banned in Russia.

- The Turkistan Islamic Party (formerly known as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement) is an international organization officially banned in Russia.

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