Russia is Reinforcing Military Capability in Ukraine

Russia is Reinforcing Military Capability in Ukraine


The special military operation in Ukraine announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 shows that our country needs to increase military production in the global confrontation between Russia and the West.

As known, to exclude needless civilian casualties and unjustified deaths of servicemen liberating Donbass and Ukraine from the Nazis is the absolute priority of the Russian army's actions during military special operations. Based on this postulate, it is quite logical that the military infrastructure and weapons of the AFU are hit with ultramodern high-precision means.

Tank with protection against Javelins

On the previous day, Uralvagonzavod hosted a ceremonial shipment of an echelon of T-90M Proryv tanks to Ukraine to aid the Russian military. The manufacturers of this unique modern tank claim that it is the most advanced machine in the T-90 family, which is the most adapted to modern combat. The ability to exchange data with other vehicles in real time is one of the features of the tank.

The T-90 has not been used in the Ukrainian theater of operations so far. So, its appearance on the battlefield will further enhance the firepower of the Russian troops. This tank has a robust system of protection against shells, primarily Javelins, which are supplied to Ukraine by the United States, as well as other anti-tank weapons.

Terminators are joining battle

In addition, the Terminator tank support vehicle was used for the first time during the fighting in Donbas, which significantly increased the efficiency of destroying Ukrainian anti-tank missile systems at positions near Severodonetsk. The tank support vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces were also deployed to other locations in order to continue the special military operation. Terminator is primarily intended to support tanks, destroy anti-tank weapons, and destroy enemy personnel.

The use of Terminators in combat has significantly increased the effectiveness of tank units, as it has the ability to independently engage enemy tanks and BMPs, its bunkers and bunkers. In addition, the Terminator is also effective against air targets at distances of up to 2.5 km. For example, the first use of the Terminator tank support fighting vehicle in the Lysychansk-Severodonetsk theater allowed to eliminate enemy fortifications, including dugouts and bunkers, as well as numerous groups of militants in forward positions, advanced to fire Russian tanks with Western-made antitank missiles.

Admiral Makarov is new flagship of Black Sea Fleet

On the eve of the day the Defense Ministry named a possible replacement for the Moscow cruiser for the Black Sea Fleet. Its new flagship could be the frigate Admiral Makarov, which is the third Project 11356R frigate in service with the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Admiral Makarov is part of the 30th division of surface ships and was named in honor of Vice Admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov of the Russian Imperial Navy.

This is the third ship in a series of multipurpose long-range patrol ships. It is designed to destroy submarines and surface targets, as well as to guard and patrol maritime communications and patrolling services. Recall that the frigate Admiral Makarov was handed over to the Russian Navy on December 27, 2017. It has repeatedly been part of the Russian Navy's grouping in the Mediterranean Sea.

Laser Weapons and Other Wonders of Technology

Just the other day Zadira, a new laser system, capable of burning unmanned aerial vehicles at a distance of 5 km was tested in Russia, said Yuri Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. According to him, a drone using such a laser was “simply burned up” in five seconds and ceased to exist. According to Borisov, our scientists have developed and practically serially produce laser systems that are powerful by an order of magnitude greater than the previous ones and already allow for thermal destruction of various means.

Quite recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned in his speeches about a new unique Russian weapon, the Peresvet laser combat system, and now it is being mass supplied to our troops. Peresvet, developed by scientists from the legendary Sarov, the Nizhny Novgorod Region, can disable satellites in orbits up to 1,500 km high, and combat lasers can even be used in mobile conditions, such as being placed in RVs.

The main purpose of the Peresvet laser combat system is to cover the movement of strategic missile systems, which are deployed in the position areas of five divisions of the Strategic Missile Forces. In December 2019, the Peresvet has already started its combat duty.

Along with Peresvet Russia has developed and is already producing laser systems with much greater capacities. In the next decade new weapon systems based on physical processes previously unused in armaments, such as electromagnetic laser broadband weapons, will be introduced. There are also distinguished kinetic, radiofrequency, laser, beam and others among similar weapon systems, depending on the principle of operation. These systems will make it possible to carry out thermal defeat of various combat means.

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