RNG to Take new Start from Field n.a. its Former CEO

RNG to Take new Start from Field n.a. its Former CEO

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New jobs, budget revenues and social development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia,) a vast constituent region of Russia in northeastern Siberia, are expected to come from a promising gas condensate field discovered with the participation of the RNG group of companies as the exploration operator in the Lensk district of the republic.

This year, RNG was included in the list of backbone enterprises of the fuel and energy sector, compiled by the Ministry of Energy. As emphasized by Aysen Nikolayev, the head of the Sakha Republic, the implementation of up-to-date technologies, reasonable managerial decisions and highly qualified and efficient personnel has helped RNG, once a small company, become one of the drivers of the economic development of the republic.

“Thanks to the discovery of the new field the inhabitants of the Lensk district will be able to get new jobs,” said Nikolayev. “Over the past few years, RNG has transformed from a small exploration company into a multi-industry oil holding. It is going to actively develop its gas business. I strongly believe that with the help of these advanced approaches to the organization of business activities and high social responsibility before the residents, the company will surely succeed.”

The discovery of the new field will become a significant step in the further development of the RNG group of companies. It will help increase the effect of the development of subsoil resources in Eastern Siberia. According to preliminary data, the initial recoverable gas reserves of the new field amount to 27 bln m³.

As Sergey Nazarov, RNG Deputy CEO and Chief Geologist said, “these were only the initial figures and the first steps. After drilling three more exploratory wells and carrying out seismic surveys, we will get more precise reserves and expect a very considerable increase.”

According to experts, these forecasts show the high potential of the field. To their thinking, it might be included in the resource base of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.

The RNG team decided to perpetuate the name of Ivan Menshikov, the former RNG CEO. He made a significant contribution for the development of the industry. Last year, Menshikov passed away.

“Oil workers have a good tradition of calling fields after their discoverers. Ivan Menshikov did a lot for the development of Yakutia's mineral resource base. We wholeheartedly agree with this decision of the RNG staff,” said Yelena Korzun, the CEO of the AssoNeft Association of Independent Oil and Gas Producers.

Ivan Menshikov worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years. His colleagues remember him not only as a competent manager but also as a person of excellent qualities. He was a fair, honest and responsible expert. Menshikov skillfully achieved solutions to the tasks set and always treated his employees with respectе putting social issues on a par with production and economic issues.

Under Menshikov's personal leadership the Central and Eastern Blocks as well as the Kurungsky section of Srednebotuobinskoye oil and gas condensate field were put into development. Ivan Menshikov was awarded the titles of Honored Oil Worker, a top ranking expert in exploration works and an honored worker of the National Economy of the Republic of Sakha for his personal contribution to the development of the fuel and energy complex and the regional economy.

The RNG Group employees cherish the memory of Ivan Menshikov and his merits.

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