RNG to Help Yakutia Get Rid of Garbage

RNG to Help Yakutia Get Rid of Garbage

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Advanced waste disposal technologies have reached the most remote regions of Russia. While big cities are facing the global problem of how not to be buried under garbage, it is perfectly solved by sparsely populated regions with rotation villages. But only if socially responsible companies decide to help.

The RNG group of companies has built a landfill for waste disposal. It will not only solve the issue of the company's own waste but will also serve the needs of Mirny district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), a constituent region in the northwest of Siberia.

The landfill covers an area of 2.29 ha. Its capacity is 10,000 tonnes per year, and its service life is expected to be 25 years. The landfill consists of areas for placement and burning of waste in a special incinerator, as well as a utility zone. Reliable systems of emissions filtration and peculiarities of design of waste storage areas help minimize negative impact on the atmosphere and landscape near the landfill.

“During recycling, garbage is ground and incinerated,” said Evgeny Cherykaev, RNG’s chief engineering officer. “After the smoke gets under the jets of steam, the products of combustion remain in the facility. Only steam gets into the atmosphere. Thus, the negative impact on the environment is eliminated.”

In turn, Rishat Yuzmukhametov, the head of Mirny district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) said, “In our district, this is the first modern landfill that meets all environmental standards. In accordance with the federal program, works are underway to build a landfill for the town of Mirny, Chuoninskoye community and the village of Almazny. Thanks to RNG efforts, an up-to-date facility has already been built in our area. It will accept waste from Tas-Yuryakh village free of charge.”

Agniya Simonova, the head of Tas-Yuryakh village, believes that putting the landfill into operation will make the life of the locals more comfortable. “We are grateful to RNG for its help,” she said, “the landfill is very important for the life of our settlement. In the near future, we are going to determine the place for storing the garbage. Together with our partners, we are going to set the schedule of its removal for disposal.”

From the very beginning of its operations, RNG has been acting hand in hand with the local population and authorities. The company’s management understands its social responsibility before them. Therefore, when the issue of a landfill for the disposal of household and industrial waste of the company in the Eastern blocks of the Srednebotuobinskoye oil and gas condensate field was raised, the needs of people and environmental requirements were taken into account.

In the course of designing, surveying and engineering works, RNG experts took into consideration all the effective environmental and sanitary norms. Construction was held in accordance with the latest standards. Meaning that certified equipment was purchased from trusted partners, thus ensuring the fire precautions and emergency safety at the facility.

The new landfill of the RNG group of companies will be used for thermal decontamination of solid domestic and industrial waste. In addition, the company's management supported the initiative of local authorities to build a municipal landfill and allocated 8 mln rubles ($105.280) for engineering and environmental surveys on the territory of the future site.

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