RNG is Planting Pine Seedlings in Yakutia

RNG is Planting Pine Seedlings in Yakutia

Photo: http://rngoil.ru

As part of the contract between the RNG company and the Russian Center for Forest Protection, another stage of compensatory reforestation was launched, during which 643,000 seedlings of Scots pine with closed root system are to be planted.

The seedlings were grown in a nursery in the Amur Region. The young trees are two years old and have trunks slightly more than 10 cm high. Common pine is the most common species of conifers on the territory of central Yakutia. It predominantly grows on the plain of the Lena-Vilyui and Lena-Aldan watersheds, reaching a height of up to 40 m and is resistant to the harsh climatic conditions of the region.

Trees are planted on an area of more than 640 ha within the boundaries of the land allotted for this purpose by the Vilyui forestry. Prior to that, preparatory works such as forest clearing of strips, stump clearing, removal of garbage and cutting of furrows in the strips, were carried out on the area.

“RNG makes energetic efforts to preserve land resources and does everything possible to maintain the ecological safety of the region. We are scrupulous about preserving the ecological balance in the region and regularly support local eco-initiatives. Our specialists carry out environmental activities on a regular basis,” said RNG's CEO Vladimir Rakitin.

In June this year, the company’s specialists released into the wild more than 211,000 juvenile salmonid fish into the inflow of the Vilyui reservoir, the Aanniakh river. In total, as part of the program for artificial reproduction of aquatic bioresources, RNG’s ecologists released 1 million 556 thousand individuals of this fish into the rivers of Yakutia during 2018-2022.

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