RNG Group Helping Yakutia to Build and Live

RNG Group Helping Yakutia to Build and Live

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Republic of Sakha (Yakutia,) Russia’s vast constituent region in northeastern Siberia, is a land of beautiful and distinctive nature. However, the harsh northern climate, long distances, permafrost, and a landscape crossed by rivers make transport communication extremely difficult.

Previously, the crossing of rivers was possible only with the aid of pontoon bridges. It increased travel time by several hours additionally bringing a lot of inconvenience.

The authorities of the Republic of Sakha understand that steady road communications will give a hefty boost to the development of the region and bring new prospects. In order to ensure year-round traffic on the Vilyui highway, a total of 8 bridges and bridge crossings need to be built. In 2020, four facilities were put into operation at a time in Yakutia. These are the bridges across the Tyukyan, Malaya Botuobuya, and Sasar-Yuryakh rivers, as well as an artificial culvert across the Ulakhan-Mugur river.

Noticeably, the achievements of this kind would have never been made if a socially responsible company had not offered its significant input.

Thus, if previously, there was only a pontoon across the Malaya Botuobuya river, a full-fledged two-lane bridge crossing was commissioned in October thanks to the construction affiliate of RNG, a Russian oil and gas company. It is located at the 1,175 km of the Vilyui highway. Construction of the bridge was started in September 2018, with completion scheduled for October 31, 2020. However, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the related lockdown, the RNG workers put the facility in commission a month ahead of schedule.

Nikolay Andreev, the head of the Vilyui branch of Federal Road Agency, appreciated the road builders’ excellent performance.

"Despite the fact that construction of a bridge is a job of extreme complexity, the company coped with this important task and did a very good job at this facility,” he said. “The installation was completed within the shortest time possible.”

The bridge crossing over the Sasar-Yuryakh river with a length of 25.5 running meters is one more project which was also built by RNG construction teams.

It should be recalled that this was not the first project of this kind for RNG. In 2017, the company built a bridge over the Tas-Yuryakh river. It connects the Vilyui highway with the Eastern Blocks license area of the Srednebotuobinskoye oil and gas condensate field, RNG’s main production site.

Asphalt road paving of Yakutia’s roads is another project RNG is working on. The company has invested about $4 mln in asphalt works in Yakutia. In order to make the pavements last longer, RNG has used advanced technologies have been used by RNG. One of them is the mobile asphalt-concrete plant made by the German company Benninghoven.

RNG senior executives have said on a number of occasions the company considers work for the benefit of Yakutia as one of its key tasks and continues to set new ambitious targets for itself.

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