Retailers to Give Year Warranty on for Parallel Import Electronics

Retailers to Give Year Warranty on for Parallel Import Electronics


The Association of Internet Commerce Companies (ACIT) reported that gadgets, appliances and electronics imported into Russia through parallel imports will have a one-year warranty. On June 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on parallel imports, under which Russian businesses are exempt from liability for importing goods into the country without the permission of copyright holders.

ACIT clarified that the period of one year will be set by retailers themselves. As explained by the association’s representatives, while the manufacturer itself establishes a warranty service period for each market, it will no longer be relevant in Russia, and the responsibility for servicing imported gadgets in our country will lie with the trade, and the new costs can be included into the price of goods.

Artyom Sokolov, President of ACIT, said that sellers do not give any warranty on goods now, because it is usually the “prerogative of the manufacturer” of a particular electronic device. According to him, this right can be exercised by the retailer “at his own discretion,” and the minimum warranty period for parallel imports, unfortunately, “has not yet been defined.”

Meanwhile, as it became known, retailers such as Ozon, DNS, All Instruments, Yandex.Market, Citylink, M.Video, and Eldorado, that is, those who are members of the Association of Internet Commerce Companies, will provide customers with an annual warranty on sophisticated electronic equipment. This is primarily consumer electronics such as laptops, computers and smart phones. These are products that have gone on sale in Russia specifically through parallel imports or which the company has bought itself in the case of marketplaces.

It is noteworthy that in the case of direct supplies, the manufacturer itself establishes its obligations to customers. This means that during the entire warranty period, the company is ready to take responsibility for the products, including carrying out their repairs free of charge. It should be noted that for this purpose the manufacturers will form a fund of devices that will be used to replace low-quality goods, as well as organize service centers and deliver spare parts for repair to Russia.

As for the warranty, according to the law, it can be established not only by the manufacturer, but also by the seller. When the consumer appeals, they necessarily accept the product from him, check for defects and fulfill his requirements. The consumer can be denied the repair only if it is proved that the product damaged himself, say, incorrectly implementing storage measures. The most important is the right of companies (but not the obligation), that is, the goods may not have a warranty at all.

Chairman of the Consumer Union of the Russian Federation Pyotr Shelish emphasized that the law does not oblige the manufacturer to establish a warranty period for its products, and “it can be done by the seller.” In his opinion, it is clear that with regard to parallel imported goods, manufacturers will usually “not recognize” their standard guarantees, which do not apply to buyers from other countries.

“One year of voluntary warranties from sellers is the minimum acceptable term. It is an important tool in the competition of retailers, so we can expect some sellers to increase it. It should be understood that such costs are included into the price of goods,” Shelish said in conclusion.

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