Putin’s Colossal Defeat, Political Scientist Says on US Elections

Putin’s Colossal Defeat, Political Scientist Says on US Elections

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The U.S. presidential race in 2020 was something akin to the election held four years ago when the victory went to republican billionaire Donald Trump.

First of all, this situation looks similar due to the massive informational support for Trump by Moscow. It triggered the avalanche of victorious recommendations made by various Russian politicians, political scientists and reporters. The phrase “Trump is ours!” became extremely popular in some days of November 2016.

Anyway, this time, Donald Trump cut a sorry figure. Chances are it will deprive him of the opportunity to torture the U.S. electoral system in courts in an effort to keep power. Although a few days ago, it seemed that the margin of democratic candidate Joe Biden was so small that the government of Donald Trump would have every chance to fight for victory outside the election field.

“Trump is Ours”

Meanwhile, for Russia the election seems not to be over yet. People expected Donald Trump’s victory. The pro-Kremlin representatives continue to publish articles “denouncing” the U.S. democrats in voter fraud and to believe that Trump should win presidency. Moreover, the Kremlin even refused to congratulate Biden on his election as President. According to its representatives, the situation looks too ambiguous. Therefore, Vladimir Putin is going only to congratulate Joe Biden once the results of the U.S. election become “official.”

Previously, political analysts have discussed the reasons why the Kremlin “rooted for” Trump. For example, it was noted that with the ongoing power transit and Vladimir Putin's possible resignation from the presidency, Donald Trump is considered the most convenient candidate for Moscow who will not try to interfere in the process. As for Joe Biden, his statements about Russia look much more belligerent. Therefore, considering how the shaky system of power in Russia is against the background of transit of power, Biden’s rhetoric, for example, about the possible introduction of new and even tougher sanctions give rise to more apprehensions. Allegedly, it could become a plague for the already weakened Russian economy for the next few years.

Possibly, for this very reason many authoritative Russian media outlets, mainly the pro-government ones, continue to describe the “enormous scale” of falsifications in favor of Trump and the mechanisms by which the incumbent U.S. Present can still “restore justice.” According to them, it was his “fair victory.” Armchair experts start telling people that Biden's victory in the elections will result in massive riots in the U.S. and almost a full-fledged civil war. By and large, it becomes clear that Moscow still places its stake on Donald Trump being ready to “keep fingers crossed” for him to the last.

“Putin's Colossal Defeat”

However, according to Andrei Piontkovsky, a popular Russian political scientist, there might be no clashes in the United States after the presidential election.

“At present, everyone is expecting Trump to pull up and, as a long-standing U.S. tradition demands, to call his opponent with congratulations on his victory,” Piontkovsky said. “The result of the election turned out to be very impressive. Biden has 306 voters, while Trump has 231, and a total national superiority of 5 mln people. In this case, it will be difficult to accuse the judiciary of shenanigans and to challenge the results. Among other things, the unanimous support of the newly elected President is obvious in U.S. cities. The whole country has voted for Biden, so the election can be considered as over.

As for the turbulence in U.S. society or politics, it exists only on the air of the Russian TV channels predicting a coup d’état in the U.S.A. The demonstrators who greeted Donald Trump were not opposed by anyone. They were impressed by the scale of the victory, so all democratic procedures would be followed, and no collisions should be expected.

Biden's victory was a colossal defeat for Putin. The hysteria is getting incredibly large-scaled. There are many theories that Trump was dependent on Putin. However, I do not really believe in them. Everything was really worse. The fact is that the deep convictions of Trump, the person who is illiterate in foreign policy, completely coincided with Putin's interests. Besides, Trump was extremely negative about NATO.”

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