Putin to Meet With Citizens and Discuss Assistance to Mobilized Soldiers

Putin to Meet With Citizens and Discuss Assistance to Mobilized Soldiers

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The other day Russia completed partial mobilization, during which 300,000 citizens were drafted into the army. The Russian government guarantees payments to all of them, but there is information from the field that not all of those called into the army receive their payment in full in time.

In this connection, President Vladimir Putin is planning to hold a personal meeting with citizens and find out about the situation.

Press Secretary for Russian President Dmitry Peskov said, as TASS reported, that Putin would talk to people to find out personally what support and to what extent is provided to mobilized citizens and their families. This communication will be held in the form of a separate event, which the Kremlin will announce later.

Earlier, on Friday, October 28, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported on the completion of partial mobilization to Vladimir Putin, during which 300,000 reservists were drafted into the army. The task was fully completed and, according to the Defense Minister, no new assignments are planned. During the meeting, Shoigu admitted that there were “problems” with some kinds of allowances at the initial stage of mobilization but these have been resolved. He also reported that the deputy minister in charge of material and technical support was replaced. Mikhail Mizintsev, the head of the National Defense Management Center, is now responsible for the task.

All the mobilized will get not less than 195,000 rubles ($3,238.17) monthly. It is important that the reservists will get the same payments during their preparation for deployment to the reserve zone. Along with this, Putin ordered to strictly follow the deadlines for payment of money. In addition, the decree signed by the President on November 3 says that mobilized soldiers will be paid a lump sum of 195,000 rubles.

During his meeting with Governor of the Tver Region Igor Rudenya, Putin said that he intended to meet with citizens personally to clarify how reservists and members of their families are provided with various types of allowances, and how payments to reservists are made. As reported by the Vzglyad newspaper, when addressing the Governor, the President asked him to gather the materials and questions that needed to be addressed and pass them on to him. Along with this, Putin underlined that it is important to summarize the experience of support of the mobilized.

Addressing the local authorities during the meeting with Rudenya, the President urged them to pay special attention to all the citizens who were mobilized regardless of whether they were at the training ground where the training and combat readiness was in progress or directly in the zone of combat operations.

As reported by the media, Putin also said at the meeting with the Governor of the Tver Region that almost 80,000 mobilized soldiers are currently in the zone of a special military operation, and that 50,000 of them are already taking part in military operations.

The Russian President believes that the main issue at the moment is equipment, training, and combat shakedown, and that only trained and equipped fighters should be sent to the front lines.

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