Putin Seeking to Impunity for his Inner Circle, Claims Expert

Putin Seeking to Impunity for his Inner Circle, Claims Expert

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Russia’s former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is much younger than Putin, is also the only living former president of Russia, recalls the political expert Fyodor Krasheninnikov.

The document on lifetime guarantees for former presidents of Russia that will soon be considered in the State Duma triggered a rather lively discussion.

Of course, the expert community mostly associates the aforesaid initiative with the beginning of a transition of power and the Kremlin's attempt to provide the current Russian president Vladimir Putin with firm grounds for future withdrawal.

This information multiplies the effect due to the numerous statements made by political experts, who claim that the Head of State intends to resign from office as early as 2021, before his presidential term comes to an end.

As for the legislative initiative that provoked a really resounding effect, it contains the norms, in line with which a former president becomes a lifetime senator with maximum immunity guarantees, the revoking of which becomes almost impossible now.

Last but not least, it also guarantees indemnity against charges with the actions he or she committed during the presidential term or at any other time.

To put it simply, almost every thesis in the document is viewed by political scientists as preparation for the president’s resignation that is one of the most widely discussed topics nowadays.

Anyway, there is also another opinion claiming the sensational bill has nothing to do with Putin's possible resignation.

Thus, for example, the political analyst Fyodor Krasheninnikov is convinced that the introduction of this document to the lower chamber of the Russian parliament indicates that the incumbent President, Vladimir Putin, is not concerned really much about his future life but is seeking to preserve the system he has built for decades.

‘Putin is trying to ensure impunity for his inner circle, preserving the system he has built up for many years,’ believes the expert.

Explaining his position, Krasheninnikov points out that Putin is not concerned really much about his future in this case, as in 2020 he provided himself with an opportunity to remain in power until at least 2036.

Moreover, as Krasheninnikov recalls, the only living former Russian president is the former head of government Dmitry Medvedev, who is much younger than Putin.

Now Medvedev is a member of the state Security Council and still remains the leader of the ‘United Russia’ political party, though none of these positions, for sure, give him any guarantees in the future.

Furthermore, Medvedev has been repeatedly evidenced accusations of corruption, including the ones made by parliamentary opposition, Krasheninnikov said.

‘So, if there are any proposals to ensure immunity for former presidents, they primarily apply to Dmitry Medvedev,’ added Krashennikov.

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