Putin is Forced to Leave, Says Russian Political Activist

Putin is Forced to Leave, Says Russian Political Activist

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"Navalny's actions, at first glance pointless, are aimed at causing discontent among the ordinary Russians, and in its wake Putin should agree to step down and declare someone, for example, Alexei Kudrin [the chairman of the Accounts Chamber] his successor," writes the Russian political activist Valery Skurlatov.

In the last six months, there has been a steady trend on the Russian political scene toward increasing media attacks spearheaded precisely at the incumbent Russian President and his inner circle. It consists of multiple pieces of the political puzzle many of which are not even connected to one another.

Attacks on President

First, there was some talk about Putin’s leaving the presidential office shortly. Some supporters of this version even said that Putin might be removed as soon as 2021 due to a variety of reasons. Some of them pointed to the "poor health condition" of the Russian President, while others hinted at the worsening confrontation among the political elites. Against this background, Putin, allegedly, was no longer in control of the situation and losing his influence.

Later, some high-profile materials related to the President's inner circle appeared. For instance, reporters from the Project newspaper published virtually a bombshell about "Putin's close friend." At the same time, the agenda centered on Alexei Navalny was unfolding at a fast pace. First, the Bellingcat investigation into his possible poisoners appeared. Then there was his statement about his return to Russia. Apparently, it was aimed at escalating the confrontation between Navalny and his proponents, on the one hand, and the Kremlin, on the other. The authorities, incidentally, played right into Navalny's hands by arresting and detaining him. In doing so, they implemented one of the toughest scenarios that had been expected from them. The film about "Putin's Palace" near Gelendzhik [a resort town in the Krasnodar territory located on the coast of the Black Sea] which was viewed more than 100 mln times, and the recent rally in support of Alexei Navalny, completed the picture.

Against this background, many experts are trying to understand who is behind the systematic attacks on the President and how all of these events might be connected with the power transit and the struggle between the ruling elites for spheres of influence. There are quite a few theories. Some of them obviously stand at variance with the views of reality espoused by the majority of political analysts.

"They Insist on Putin's Resignation"

Valery Skurlatov, a prominent political activist and publicist, says that there are some people in power who are trying to force Putin to resign. However, he sees the reasons for their actions somewhat differently than many political analysts do. Skurlatov has recently shared his opinion on this matter in his Telegram channel.

"It has long been an open secret that in previous years, an alliance of the Kremlin’s ‘liberal towers’ was formed around the figure of Vladimir Putin. Some high-ranking officials who came into politics from the security, military, or similar services were also involved there. However, this is figuratively speaking. Along with it, there is also a very thick “blanket of protection” of Navalny’s supporters in Russia. These are people close to Putin who have set him up many times. For example, by passing an entirely unnecessary and scandalous pension system reform. They also forced the President to make a number of other unpopular decisions. Many of them were provocative and inevitably affected Vladimir Putin's popularity ratings.

“What is the purpose of all these actions? That is, perhaps, the most important thing. In reality, there is no war between the ‘Kremlin towers’. They are simply trying to protect their interests. Their motives are quite obvious. Putin once made a blunder with the Crimea. That is why the Western countries where the Russian political elite were used to settle down and see the future of their families began to put pressure on them. For people holding the helm of power, Russia is just a place to pump money out of. That is why they insist on Putin's resignation appealing, among other things, to his poor state of health. Navalny's actions, at first glance pointless, are aimed at causing discontent among the ordinary Russians so that Putin will agree to quit announcing someone, for example, Alexei Kudrin as his successor," writes Skurlatov.

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