Putin is About to Make Unexpected Decision for Russia’s Future, Says Economist

Putin is About to Make Unexpected Decision for Russia’s Future, Says Economist

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Recently, there has been a large-scale discussion about the political prospects of the incumbent Russian President. It is difficult to say for sure who of the experts is citing real facts and voicing reasoned scenarios, and who have decided to indulge in fantasies for a while.

Thus, over the past few months Vladimir Putin was repeatedly "sent to immediate resignation" either because of the loss of control over the situation and a conspiracy of the elites, or because of poor health condition, or for some other reason. However, Putin still holds office as the Russian President and performs his duties. Different assessments of his work might be given. However, recently, they have become more negative as evidenced by the falling popularity rating of the Russian government as a whole. Even so, many people expect that Putin will soon find the strength and the political will to drastically change the situation leading Russia out of the crisis in which it has been miring for almost 10 years.

According to Mikhail Khazin, a well-known Russian economist, publicist, and social activist, recently, a huge gap has emerged in Russia between people's desire to return to a more fair and balanced model of distribution of material benefits and the elites who want to continue getting rich and enjoying their exclusive position without obstruction. This very circumstance, Khazin says, might soon lead to that fact that “Vladimir Putin will take an unexpected decision in terms of Russia’s future.”

On the air of the Aurora radio station, Khazin said that in the near future, Putin is likely to make a decision that will be unexpected, first of all, for the ruling elites. According to him, it is about the so-called “left-wing turn.” Khazin believes that the Russians are waiting for exactly these changes in the state social and economic policy from Putin for more than a year. Therefore, the decision on this issue has been long made. Khazin also said that the President was likely to achieve economic growth under the current conditions of constant decline by drastically changing the model of economic management from the current liberal to the conservative one.

Khazin said that since the liberals retained a very strong position in the Russian government, Putin was unable to take this step for years. Recently, however, due to the economic crisis it has been shaken. This fact gives a free hand to Putin. In Khazin’s opinion, the Russian President might announce a paradigm shift in state governance as early as in 2021.

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