Putin and Lukashenko Arrive at Vostochny Cosmodrome on Cosmonautics Day

Putin and Lukashenko Arrive at Vostochny Cosmodrome on Cosmonautics Day

Photo: http://tass.ru

On Cosmonautics Day, celebrated on April 12, Presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko visited the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur region and talked to the workers who are building the infrastructure there.

Putin awarded orders and medals to astronauts, and then both presidents held talks during which they discussed many issues, including the progress of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine.

As reported by Parlamentskaya Gazeta, the program planned for that day at the Vostochny Cosmodrome was quite large. Putin and Lukashenko met with the staff of the complex, as well as took a look at the progress of construction at the Vostochny cosmodrome. There was also a ceremony of presenting state awards to pilot-cosmonauts.

Besides, importantly, the negotiations of leaders of two countries during which the cooperation between Russia and Belorussia in various sectors was discussed in details, also took place there.

The question of the measures needed to successfully counter Western sanctions was also raised. The sanctions are mainly aimed at isolating Russia from the rest of the world and stopping its development, which the West is failing to do. They also fail to isolate our country because not all states support these sanctions. India and China, the most populous countries in the world, are on our side. They are failing because our achievements in space exploration show that we are the ones who have been achieving significant success in various high-tech sectors of the economy. As known, in the 1980s, it was the Soviet Union that launched several times more spacecraft than, for example, the United States.

It is quite understandable that during these talks, Putin and Lukashenko also paid attention to the current situation in Ukraine. The talks were followed by a joint press conference of the heads of Russia and Belarus.

On April 6, the State Duma passed a presidential law that gives Roskosmos the right to invite citizens of Belarus to work at the Vostochny spaceport. Previously, it was not possible because the city of Tsiolkovsky, where the cosmodrome is located, is a closed administrative-territorial entity.

Roscosmos cosmonauts, who are currently working on board the International Space Station (ISS), also congratulated Russians on the Day of Cosmonautics. ISS-67 commander Oleg Artemyev, as well as flight engineers Denis Matveev and Sergei Korsakov, is currently on Earth orbit. They said in their video message that the era of conquering the Universe began exactly 61 years ago, and the first was our Yuri Gagarin, whose feat will not be forgotten. “Thanks to Yuri Gagarin, we are the first! We were, we are, and we will be!” said Korsakov.

This page of history can no longer be rewritten, altered or reinterpreted. It was the Russians who were the first to conquer space, making a successful flight to Earth orbit. It is always much harder for pioneers. However, it was we, the Russians, who coped with this difficult task. It was we who opened the way to space for all other earthlings. Yuri Gagarin's flight is a vivid demonstration to the world of the superiority of our science and various technologies.

First, there were 108 minutes in Earth orbit. Now, astronauts from different countries have been working in space for months, people have walked on the moon, and Earth's automatic vehicles have been and are exploring various planets not only in our solar system, but even beyond it.

Currently, the ISS is in Earth orbit, which is an example of successful space exploration by astronauts from half a dozen countries.

Let us recall the history. In 1962, in the Soviet Union was established a new holiday, Cosmonautics Day. Six years later, the holiday was given an international status, and April 12 began to be celebrated as the Day of Aviation and Astronautics. In 2011, this holiday was given another name – the International Day of Human Space Flight – by a decision that was taken at the 65th session of the UN General Assembly.

The portrait of the first cosmonaut of the Earth Yuri Gagarin has already decorated the Ostankino television tower in Moscow. On April 12, numerous planetariums and museums in Russia, devoted to the exploration of space, hold special celebrations, and there are colorful shows and festivals in different cities.

On April 12, there were many concerts, excursions, exhibitions and lectures in the Russian capital. There was an excursion devoted to achievements in space at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH). A special dictation will be held in the Cosmonautics and Aviation center, whose participants will be asked to answer 30 questions about not only the structure of the solar system, but also the work of the ISS in orbit, the achievements of astronauts, as well as the brightest pages of exploration of the boundless outer space.

We were the first in space and will remain so forever!

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