Public Services Portal: Forget the Red Tape

Public Services Portal: Forget the Red Tape


Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media announced a new web service at the Public Services federal portal. It will inform the users of all available social welfare programs.

This means that from now on Russian citizens have easy access to all the relevant information on the benefits they are eligible to at their personal account at the portal.

Before the launch of the service people had to figure out which federal and regional welfare laws applied to them. They had to cruise from one agency to another and spend countless hours in lines at public offices. This was hardly in line with the digitalization and invisible government principles declared by the Russian authorities.

“Together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, we are working to create a brand new type of notification service, which would advise the citizens on all the federal and regional benefits they enjoy. The users don`t need to waste time searching for eligibility requirements anymore - it’s all here in one spot. We will monitor the status of each user, and inform them of the whole range of available benefits,” said Dmitry Oguryaev, the deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media. Alexey Sklyar, the deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security, added: “We expect that by 2022 more than 3 mln citizens will be getting updates on social security services via the new service. At the beginning the service will help its users keep track of information on parenthood benefits, retirement age and disabilities. The list will embrace more areas in the future.”

The citizens who give consent to getting proactive information will receive updates on their gadgets. In some cases they will also receive an application form where they will need to submit data about the benefits the other parent or guardian is entitled to. Upon submission they will receive information on all the applicable benefits. Later, when the digitalization has gained enough momentum, users won`t even need to fill in this form - the state will collect all necessary data on its own in order to save their time.

According the agency’s press office, the Ministry together with the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing also introduced a new anti-COVID measure: now all the COVID-test results come in the form of QR codes and the result is viewable only upon uploading to the Public Services Portal.

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