Popular Russian Actor Boris Nevzorov Passed Away

Popular Russian Actor Boris Nevzorov Passed Away

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On February 18, Boris Nevzorov, a Russian actor and film director, an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and a People's Artist of Russia, passed away at the age of 73 from complications caused by the novel coronavirus infection. His professional life was very active. He starred in 120 films in a variety of roles, from the simple construction worker to prosecutor and general.

For many years, Boris Nevzorov successfully combined the filming of TV series and feature films with the work of the leading actor of the Maly Theater in Moscow, where he played on the stage from 2005 until the last days of his life. Before that, from 1993 to 2005, Nevzorov worked at the Moscow Drama Theater n.a. K.S. Stanislavsky.

The words of Grigory Zaslavsky, rector of the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS,) who said in an interview with TASS that in the Maly Theater, where Nevzorov worked in recent years, the actor “turned out to be one of us through and through.” According to Zaslavsky, the play “Don Giovanni” based on the dramatic poem of A.K. Tolstoy was staged particularly for him.

Describing the creative career of Boris Nevzorov, the head of the Ministry of Culture Olga Lyubimova drew attention to the fact that he has succeeded not only as an actor, but also as a director. Nevzorov taught at GITIS and generously shared his knowledge and skills with future artists. His contribution to the Russian theatrical school is simply invaluable.

Nevzorov was “a unique personality and a terrific actor,” said Director Stanislav Libin. In an interview with TASS he said that he first paid attention to Boris Nevzorov when he was very young. Then he saw him in the film “Young Russia.” In this film Nevzorov played the role of Ivan Ryabov. It was for this role in 1985, the actor was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. There was no surprise that the future director remembered Nevzorov as a very charismatic and talented actor.

Many years later, life brought these people together. Libin worked on the TV series The Old Man as a director, where Boris Nevzorov played the main role of the reclusive visionary.

According to Libin, Nevzorov was a kind man and a terrific actor of the old school. There are fewer and fewer such actors in Russian cinema every year. Actress Galina Bokashevskaya wrote on her Facebook account that she does not want to believe that Nevzorov is no longer alive. After all, last fall, Boris and she participated in the shooting of the TV series Kungur. According to the actress, this man “exuded a sense of calm and reliability.” In general, Nevzorov played a variety of roles in 120 films and television series.

Boris Nevzorov was born January 18, 1950 in the village of Starominskaya in the Kuban. His father Georgy was a responsible party worker. The future actor grew up near the Volga, in Astrakhan, where he got his first experience on the stage of the Astrakhan Theatre of Young People. From a young age, Boris liked acting and wanted to be an actor. And his childhood dream eventually became a reality.

At the age of 18, Boris Nevzorov successfully passed the examinations at the Higher Theatre School named after M.S. Schepkin. After studying there for only two years, he continued his training in acting at the Moscow Art Theatre School. After graduating from it in 1975 and until 1982, he served in the troupe of the Moscow New Drama Theater.

Impressive and noble appearance combined with excellent acting skills allowed Boris Nevzorov to play solid and wise characters. These roles were very different, but in some ways similar. Perhaps, it was precisely the wisdom that comes to a person over the years. It was not so important whether he played historical figures or fictional characters.

The public saw him on stage as the boyar Grigory Mamonov in the Sophia TV series and the king in “King Lear” at Maly Theater. Boris Nevzorov brilliantly coped with the title role in the play thanks to his powerful temperament. He played generals in the films Truck Driver 2, Stalingrad and Twin, the minister in The Last Minister, the deputy prosecutor general in the TV series March of Turetsky. Many viewers remember Boris Nevzorov and the TV series Kamenskaya, where he played the role of the prosecutor's investigator.

Last year, Boris Nevzorov was awarded the Order of Friendship.

According to director of the Maly Theater Tamara Mikhailova, his funeral was held on February 24.

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