Popular Economist Recommends Russians to Get Ready for “Rainy Day”

Popular Economist Recommends Russians to Get Ready for “Rainy Day”

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According to the popular economist Mikhail Delyagin, the economic situation in Russia might push the country into a crisis of unparalleled character. In his opinion, there are three important factors for this.

No matter how often the Russian authorities speak about low inflation in 2020, trying to confirm their own words about a stable economic situation in spite of the “COVID-19 crisis,” global recession, falling oil prices and external pressures, there is a growing opinion in the expert community that Russia is about to face a grave crisis. If this crisis hits the country, feeding the Russians with the claims that the economy in their homeland is shrinking at a much lower rate during the pandemic than elsewhere will not work.

For example, according to Mikhail Delyagin, a well-known Russian economist, the country again stands on the verge of a grave economic shock, simultaneously on the verge of of social and political shocks. In Delyagin’s opinion, the Russians’ life is getting increasingly unpredictable. Therefore, it would make sense for them to get ready for “a rainy day” in advance.

As Delyagin said on the air of the Moscow-based Aurora radio station, at the moment, there are no signs that the Russian authorities will be able to prevent “the rainy day.” According to him, in recent months, everything points to the world ruling clans’ striving to organize a new “world harvesting.” Its scale might be comparable with the events that led to the collapse of the USSR. At the same time, Delyagin believes that since the war for resources will be pursued by completely new owners who got their current assets with the help of criminal means, it is likely to be even fiercer this time.

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As for the probable scenario, it is still very depressing for Russia, says Delyagin. According to him, the Russian authorities failed to draw the right conclusions during the pandemic and even earlier during the collapse of world oil prices. “Without changing the model of economic development in Russia, this country's future is turning not just into “the rainy day,” but into a real black abyss,” says Delyagin. “Moreover, there might be no way out of it.”

It is noteworthy that according to Delyagin, the economic situation in Russia might bring the country to the crisis of an unparalleled character. In his opinion, there are three important factors for this. Already in 2021, the Russians might face the symbiosis of several essential issues at once. First of all, he says, the funds that the federal center has allocated in order to provide targeted assistance to businesses and residents are likely to be spent. In addition, during the same period, there might be even more obvious signs of decline in the government machinery. Possibly, local officials will start sabotaging performance of their primary duties even more often. In doing so, the entire management system is likely to fall apart.

Finally, according to Delyagin’s forecast, chances are a new round of international sanctions on Moscow will begin by the same time. In his opinion, they are likely to bring unprecedented damage. Mostly, it might be caused by the victory of the candidate from the Democratic Party in a presidential election in the USA. As promised during his election campaign, he is going to impose even tougher sanctions on Russia than his predecessors.

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