Siberian Region Governor Hires Black PR Expert

Siberian Region Governor Hires Black PR Expert
Ivan Serebryakov, a deputy of the regional legislative assembly, has been accused of an information attack on the Krasnoyarsk territory's authorities. So far, his punishment confines to public deprecation.

The “Serebryakov case” underwent scrutiny in the absence of any reporters at the last session of the Krasnoyarsk regional assembly. However, the details leaked the media. As has reported earlier over the past few months some forces have been persistently and regularly “killing” Governor Alexander Uss by all imaginable means, from forest fires to corruption scandals.

This summer, two rallies for the governor’s resignation were held at the same time. Even then, the observers expressed the view that the well-known businessman and politician Anatoly Bykov might have been involved in the rallies. Some of his people had been spotted there as organizers. One of them was Ivan Serebryakov, who runs the regional branch of the Patriots of Russia party under Bykov’s patronage and represents this party (in lonely pride though) in the regional legislative assembly. Uss and Serebryakov share the same corridor, as both the regional administration and the assembly are located in the same building.

The deputies of the assembly have almost unanimously criticized Serebryakov's actions. The latter has been publicly named and shamed for the numerous offensive statements that targeted not only the governor but also the legislative and municipal authorities of Krasnoyarsk. By the way, the session of the assembly was preceded by an open letter of prominent people living in the city --athletes, war veterans and public figures. They had called on the authorities to clamp down on those who cast aspersions on not only the governor, but also the entire Krasnoyarsk region. All this seems to be just the beginning, though. “It is obvious who the executor is. It is difficult to find who is behind him but Serebryakov’s role is quite obvious. His actions can bring on criminal responsibility for slander. And some legal consequences are quite likely,” said Anatoliy Samkov, the chair of the committee on compliance and protection of the rights of Krasnoyarsk region residents. Given the fact that this was said by the former head of the regional department of the Federal Security Service, it is time to worry about Serebryakov.

Apparently, the dirt on him is plain to see. Back in 2016, the prosecutor's office accused Serebryakov of concealing the income from selling two cars. This spring, the prosecutor's office instituted a case over a collision of interests. It turned out that Serebryakov rented the office of his own entrepreneur father, paying budget money for it. In addition, he was getting his salary over the period when he was actually relaxing in China, although formally he was supposed to be at work.

“This is a ready plan for the fight of the executive authorities with an unwanted deputy. A way to shut me up. But I am not going to betray the interests of my fellow-residents. We are political undesirables because of raising the questions about forest fires, floods and corruption. The “dirt” on me has been published by Telegram-channels operating by the head of the analytical department under the Krasnoyarsk governor. Do you have you anything further to say? Everything is clear. As for the letter, the people who had signed it were simply cheated and framed. If the governor wants to accuse me of slander, he can file a lawsuit. But he should it personally,” Serebryakov said in his interview with

Anyway, Uss's enemy, who masterminded the PR attack and paid for it is still the main mystery. Mudslinging is unlikely to stop in the nearest future if Serebryakov is deprived of his deputy's mandate or convicted under the article. “The connections may lead to the top. Even Bykov’s personality doesn't look powerful enough for this role. Moreover, it may sound surprising but apart from personal grudges, Bykov has no significant motives to do this. Digging up on Uss makes sense only for one purpose, namely, to supplant him and to take the governor's position. Bykov can scarcely put stakes on it. His past is too dubious for this.