Putin and Medvedev’s Mysterious Train: Russians Look Inside

Putin and Medvedev’s Mysterious Train: Russians Look Inside
Offices and jets of top officials -- there is plenty of information about them, but today Russians have got a unique chance to look inside the special train used by President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The publications revealing the behind-the-scenes details of the Russian political leaders’ workdays have always been of great interest to people.

In particular, the reports of Russian TV channels on what the President's office looks like or how the Russian presidential aircraft is furnished, have excited genuine curiosity among the Russians.

People are curious to know what working conditions the government officials have, what is on their desks and where they host foreign guests.

Putin and Medvedev’s Secret Train

There is plenty of information about the offices and planes of Russian top officials, but today, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper shed the light on what the special train used by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev looks like.

According to the newspaper, the mysterious train mentioned in the article was used by Dmitry Medvedev during his recent trip to Siberia.

“Only the President and the Prime Minister have the right to use this train. It is under the supervision of the Russian Railways (RZD) state railway corporation and the Presidential Administration,” the article says.

The coloring of the secret train coaches doesn’t differ from that of RZD’s regular passenger coaches. Most of the coaches have been built by the Tver Carriage Works, including Dmitry Medvedev's personal coach.

It is known that the special train consists of nine coaches. At least it did during the Prime Minister’s visit to Barnaul from Novosibirsk in November. The first carriage ensures secure government communications. The second carriage is an ordinary compartmental one for the supervisor of the train, the officials responsible for the train’s functioning and a commandant. The officers of the Federal Guard Service travel in a standard first-class coach, which is the third one in the train.

Dmitry Medvedev's personal coach is the fourth one. It has a work area where there is a desk, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bed. In addition, there is a meeting area, too. The interior is decorated in brown and beige colors. It is reported that Vladimir Putin has his own special coach, designed to meet his needs.

There is a dining room in the fifth carriage with a large table in the middle. The walls are decorated with carved wood.

The sixth coach of the train accommodates ministers and high-ranking officials of the government and the protocol service. The seventh and eighth coaches are regular first-class ones where the government office staff, protocol assistants, the government press service, and the Prime Minister’s personal cameraman and photographer occupy the compartments. Finally, the ninth carriage is for journalists.